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“SO WHAT?”  They think they’ve got their hooks into Donald Trump – for conspiring with the Russians to defeat Queen Hillary,  – and maybe even financial dealings which would violate the Emolument Clause or even the Bribery Clause in Article II.   At a minimum,  they believe Russian cyber attacks hurt Hillary and aided Trump…. “SO WHAT?”  […]

Veracity Test:   Are his lips moving…? 

Wise workers know that long-term job security can’t be bought with union dues;  – it comes from repeat orders from satisfied customers! Boeing has received 149 orders from nine airlines across the globe.  No union can deliver that kind of job security!

A short life utterly wasted in testament to Obama! Curtis Deal was already arrested 3 times in 2017,  – gun and drug charges.  He was a ‘person of interest’ in a homicide last year. In the officer’s body-cam video the running suspect can be seen raising his stolen 9mm pistol at the officer, – his […]

Many of you have seen this short video on Facebook . If you haven’t,  take the 4 minutes! Vetting immigrants from hostile lands isn’t a “Trump Issue”,  – it’s a survival issue;  – but for 8 years Obama giggled and looked the other way…   WHY?

She was an Obama Girl….with no brains….

Gee, Why The Sour Puss Obama?

January 20th, 2017

Don’t know about you Folks,…but the longest 8 years of my life are going to be over at Noon Tomorrow.   THANK YOU GOD! 

Obama Library Seeks Architect

January 17th, 2017

Will be placed in Jackson Park – Chicago’s South Side. Design must be Timeless, Classy, Reflective of Obama’s Accomplishments,  and easily used by the curious public and presidential scholars…  Walls must be bullet-proof!

For eight years we’ve watched,  cringed,  and endured the results of an AA/EEO election,  and we’ve smoldered at the destruction wrought by an incompetent racist aided and abetted by liberals inflicted by white guilt. Obama has announced he’s not leaving quietly or gracefully;….will we soon be hearing demands for another national holiday…?