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Shame On Fox News!

September 29th, 2017

Bill Clinton GAVE the NorKs two (2) Nuclear Reactors,  – essentially guaranteeing that they would be able to process enough material to build Atomic Bombs. Yet here is Fox News adding to the anti-Trump hysteria? Why? Ratings?

Kim Jong-un Can’t Back Down!

August 11th, 2017

Americans don’t study History in school (actually it’s no longer taught in our public schools) – so they don’t understand what we’re watching in the Hermit Kingdom. Kim Jong-un – aka the Mongolian Runt – cannot back away from his saber-rattling, or his missile program,  – and certainly not from his atomic bomb program.  He’d […]

Tuesday is the 90th Birthday of the People’s Liberation Army, and President Xi Jinping – in his Army fatigues – held a ‘little parade’ at a remote airstrip in Inner Mongolia. He had several audiences:  his own people,  the Russians,  the Taiwanese,  the NorKs,  and of course, Donald Trump and the US.

In one thundering move Trump proves he is not that brash-talking do-nothing Muslim pussy the world got used to over these past 8 years. Trump drew a bulls-eye on Obama’s red line – and bombed it! 

Calls Hillary “Trigger-Happy and Very Unstable”…. Grab a beverage and watch. Checks off a long list of things which need fixing…..He clearly understands the military issues.

Donald blows away all critics who’ve labeled him ‘bombastic’ or ‘a clown’ – with an even-handed sweeping foreign policy vision delivered in simple words that anybody can understand, – and only an utter fool could misconstrue.

There is a growing refugee crisis in Europe.   Surely Dear Leader Obama will not let it go to waste…? With known ISIS fighters already spotted amongst the ‘refugees’, – will Obama issue an ‘Executive Order’ to allow thousands of undocumented Muslims entry to the US – with a full pallet of government benefits to live […]

On August 6th 1945 we dropped an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima – wiping out that city. The Japs didn’t surrender. On August 9th we wiped out Nagasaki. They finally seemed to get the message,..and announced their unconditional surrender on August 15th. HISTORICAL LESSON: When fanatics don’t seem to get the message the first time, – […]

Nancy Pelosi cried, – 56 boycotted, – and administration Democrats are pissing all over themselves after Bibi’s speech. Too bad they don’t care as much about defending us from evil…

President Golfer-in-Chief

December 22nd, 2014

As if he hasn’t a care in the world, Obama has gone on a 17-day Hawaiian Christmas vacation. Maybe we should be glad;…he’ll do us less damage while on the golf course?