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2016: We Lost Too Many Cops!

January 2nd, 2017

We need a national consensus on the Death Penalty for cop killers! If you think of them EVERY TIME you see a cop – then they’re not really dead yet…

At age 14,  Coreco JaQuan Pearson delivers a smack-down to Hillary and the entire Democrap party.   He points out that EVEN IF it was Russian hackers,   – they did America a service by exposing the twisted evil of Hillary,  Podesta,  and the DNC! If he’ right, – the Russian hackers served us better than our […]

BEWARE of stinky people:  Pot became legal today! As if driving to and from work wasn’t already dangerous enough,  MassHole’s know-it-ALL LibTurd voters made marijuana legal as of today.  There is a whole new crop of impaired drivers out there,…just waiting to kill you!

Captain Clay Higgins – the “Cajun John Wayne” is going to Congress,  – much to the chagrin of the GOP Establishment. In a runoff election Saturday Clay beat LtGov Scott Angelle – also a ‘Republican’ for the seat.  He will be a strong voice for Law Enforcement and against illegal immigration!  He sure won’t be […]

Federal District Judge Mark A. Goldsmith (Obama appointee) agreed last night that with just 1% of the total vote – Jill Stein has no standing to demand a recount – she is NOT an injured or aggrieved party… “Jill Stein, who received only 1.07% of the vote in Michigan,  is not legally entitled to hijack […]

Evil lurks in Lawrence Mass!   I’m fairly certain both city and state government will attempt to muffle and gloss over the details.  One 16-year old boy will be in court Monday to be arraigned for First Degree Murder,  – and maybe torture. Per the authorities the victim was beheaded,  his lower arms cut off,  – […]

Trump’s Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters Tuesday that Trump had ‘decided not to pursue criminal charges against Clinton,  – to let her heal’.  Patriots were shocked and disappointed.  It was as if he’d picked Romney for SecDef…. FEAR NOT oh ye Patriots longing for Justice;  – sit back and watch…

And Texas juries aren’t shy about imposing it! Cop-Killer Otis Tyrone McKane has about 18 months to live…. Captured the day after his ambush killing of San Antonio Police Officer Ben Marconi,  Otis said “…he was upset about a child custody issue…”…

Hillary Clinton’s Dismal Future

November 12th, 2016

The Arabs want their money back,  – she drinks heavily,  – Benghazi isn’t going away,  – and Trump is likely to appoint Trey Gowdy as Attorney General. Bill will still be chasing pussy,  – her loyal entourage will drift away (some accepting plea deals in exchange for testimony),  and she has no power and no […]

Dear God, Please Help Us Today!

November 8th, 2016