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President Donald J. Trump!    Vice President Michael R. Pence! We’re giving the power back to the People!

They’re following every legal step in keeping with NY Laws to notify the State of a “plant shutdown”…. How very fortunate that once they were both ‘lawyers‘….   So how are they disbursing the leftover money…?

A Joyful Video To Start 2017

January 10th, 2017

Dixie Gun & Pawn has been robbed a few times (18 times) and burned to the ground once. Then just after Christmas,…some dudes tried again.

Acton’s Swamp Begins To Drain

January 10th, 2017

Long the intellectual watering hole for arrogant smarter-than-you Acton LibTurds,  – suddenly they’re not selling enough Hillary and Bernie books to pay the light bill,  – much less pay the snotty clerks who work there. Willow Books is going out of business – even before Trump is inaugurated!

2016: We Lost Too Many Cops!

January 2nd, 2017

We need a national consensus on the Death Penalty for cop killers! If you think of them EVERY TIME you see a cop – then they’re not really dead yet…

At age 14,  Coreco JaQuan Pearson delivers a smack-down to Hillary and the entire Democrap party.   He points out that EVEN IF it was Russian hackers,   – they did America a service by exposing the twisted evil of Hillary,  Podesta,  and the DNC! If he’ right, – the Russian hackers served us better than our […]

BEWARE of stinky people:  Pot became legal today! As if driving to and from work wasn’t already dangerous enough,  MassHole’s know-it-ALL LibTurd voters made marijuana legal as of today.  There is a whole new crop of impaired drivers out there,…just waiting to kill you!

Captain Clay Higgins – the “Cajun John Wayne” is going to Congress,  – much to the chagrin of the GOP Establishment. In a runoff election Saturday Clay beat LtGov Scott Angelle – also a ‘Republican’ for the seat.  He will be a strong voice for Law Enforcement and against illegal immigration!  He sure won’t be […]

Federal District Judge Mark A. Goldsmith (Obama appointee) agreed last night that with just 1% of the total vote – Jill Stein has no standing to demand a recount – she is NOT an injured or aggrieved party… “Jill Stein, who received only 1.07% of the vote in Michigan,  is not legally entitled to hijack […]

Evil lurks in Lawrence Mass!   I’m fairly certain both city and state government will attempt to muffle and gloss over the details.  One 16-year old boy will be in court Monday to be arraigned for First Degree Murder,  – and maybe torture. Per the authorities the victim was beheaded,  his lower arms cut off,  – […]