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Once again young Russian troops are dying for the Czar’s ancient dream of a warm-water port.  Putin has been propping up the Assad regime in Syria so he can maintain access to the Syrian ports of Latakia and Tartus. The Russians involved in the fighting are primarily mercenaries,  – most who don’t understand the bigger […]

Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Iran

February 18th, 2018

Bibi is a profile in courage as he is under attack at home (police are trying to pin a corruption charge on him) – but at the Munich Security Conference he stood strong and resolute.   Israelis should be very proud of him. Mr. Zarif: do you recognize this?  You should.  It’s yours.  Bibi’s 14-min speech […]

The alleged passenger / crew list:

There is a huge migrant camp – established by the French to ~ try ~ and control the flow of African,  Middle Eastern,  and South Asians,  – mostly young men – who are passing through France to get their welfare benefits in Britain.  It has become a hell-hole. Last week there was all-out war between […]

Today’s Joke: Kerry 2020!

January 26th, 2018


Katie Olivia Hopkins has become “controversial” since bursting upon the political stage a few years ago,  and the hard left has begun a campaign to muffle her.  Thus she is worth 24 minutes of your time to hear!   Her message is a mixture or humor, vulgarity, and terrible truth. All Americans need to hear […]

If you weren’t around in 1979 – you cannot remember when Iran was a staunch US ally against Russian expansion in the Middle East. So today’s protests across Iran’s lesser cities and towns may bewilder you – because you thought when Obama delivered $33 BILLION in CASH to the Iranian Twelvers we’d have ‘peace’ for […]

So much has happened during these past 12 months;  – looking back I remember the apprehension I was feeling – – wondering what evil the Narcissist-in-Chief would leave us with during his final 20 days in office… But God was watching over us, – – perhaps He decided we’d suffered enough for 8 years and […]

Running Gun Battle In Harrisburg!

December 23rd, 2017

LESSON for ALL COPS:  BE READY – ALL DAY – EVERY DAY! Between the crazies and the Muslims (they’re crazy too) cops are being targeted,  – and Friday afternoon there was a running gun battle in Harrisburg, PA.  Then to make matters worse,  the local county DA (already elected to become a judge) can’t figure […]

The Third World Thugs voted to condemn the USA for daring to move our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,  – as if they have veto power…. So in a short and long-overdue speech Nikki puts them on notice! 2-min video below the fold: