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Out of utter failure….grows utter arrogance.   Mika Brzezinski – age 49,  – is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski – Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor,  – the guy who let Carter fling the Shah under the bus,…and fumble the rescue of the hostages. In what must be a lapse of awareness,  – she lets slip what […]

Katie Walsh: Is She The Leaker?

February 21st, 2017

She’s from St. Louis, and worked for Reince Priebus at the RNC,  – and is today at age 32,  – the Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House. Now reports are swirling that Trump set her up with fake information to see if it would leak….and it did.  If this is true,  – will […]

9 minute video below the fold:

It Was Well Worth The Fight!

January 23rd, 2017

Dear Lord,  THANK YOU!   You helped us dodge a bullet!

Don’t Look Back Obama….

January 19th, 2017

…..we’re not waving!  You’re about to enter a special hell that only Jimmy Carter can begin to appreciate.   You should have studied his presidency…. Too late now.   Really,  – don’t look back!   Almost every thing you broke and tried to ruin – an American grown-up is about to start fixing.   He’ll have most of this nation behind […]

Obama appointed a dunce,  and we have all been at risk. The same CIA that reported Russia had leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks – bit hard on a hoax of Trump being involved in sex orgies and golden showers.   And with a straight face – they briefed Trump on what the Russians “had on […]

From the days of J. Edgar Hoover (who was probably gay), through the Cold War, the drug wars, and the internet era, the FBI has consistently cherry-picked the easy cases, covered up evidence and crimes, lied to the American People, and year-after-year proven itself untrustworthy. In short,  – it has routinely acted as the Executive […]

Her announce 2018 run, one year early….. Her must need-um much wampum. She’s done nothing but squawk for 4 years,  – starts re-election run a year early,  – does she feel the need to keep her name in the media?

Seems Obama still needs SOMEBODY to BLAME,  – so he is ascribing guilt and punishing the Russians. Gee,  wasn’t he just promising them ‘more flexibility’? Each and every thing Obama has touched in 8 years has turned to shit;  – and most of it will soon be overturned by Trump’s executive orders and a Republican Congress.  […]

“Allahu Akbar!” In Ankara

December 19th, 2016

Assassin in a western suit – shoots Russian Ambassador. This will not lessen Russian aid for Assad,  – but it will remove any lingering shreds of mercy about Russian air strikes.