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To us old-timers,…it seems like just yesterday….before the Clintons and the Obama’s… …and it was a magic moment in World History.

I love a story with a happy ending!   Jan 20th – the Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois and a 34-year old desperado enters – and to get everybody’s attention, – fires a round into the ceiling. He wasn’t expecting to be in a gunfight with armed bank guard Brian Harrison – who plugged him at […]

A Rusty Tanker To Die For?

March 14th, 2017

Somali pirates have grabbed a small coastal tanker off Northern Somalia,  a test for Trump. When it’s over,…it will be interesting to count the times Trump says “I”…

As the Vietnam war raged,  claiming 612 Connecticut men,  – young Richard Blumenthal received five (5) draft deferments, – before joining the Marine Reserve in 1970. His most dangerous assignment was Toys-for-Tots in Seattle. But he needed to be a hero,  – so he spun stories about the trauma he’d experienced returning from Vietnam and being […]

For eight years we’ve watched,  cringed,  and endured the results of an AA/EEO election,  and we’ve smoldered at the destruction wrought by an incompetent racist aided and abetted by liberals inflicted by white guilt. Obama has announced he’s not leaving quietly or gracefully;….will we soon be hearing demands for another national holiday…?

Army Beats Navy! 21 : 17

December 10th, 2016

Guess who was at the game!?! Looks like we have a REAL Commander-in-Chief again!

Simple patriotic eloquence….

Ohio State Attacker Shot Dead

November 28th, 2016

“Somali man in his 20s” – drove his car over a curb into a crowd, – then exited and attacked people with a butcher knife. Cop arrived – dispatched him within a minute. First reports of ‘active shooter’ were wrong.  They often are.  Developing.  Obama sure to dismiss this as ‘campus violence’….and somehow blame Trump.

There was once a time of Honor in our Military;  – a time long before pregnancy uniforms,  lactation rooms,  transgender reassignment policies,  or gay weddings in the post chapel…. Teenage American soldiers went forth to place their courage and their marksmanship between our Freedom and the hairy hordes of communism.