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Has Tall Deval Angered The Gods?

February 12th, 2017

Wind,  rain,  and over a FOOT of heavy (heart attack) snow….. Can’t wait for some DummyCrat to explain how this is “Proof of Global Warming”…

Day Twelve:  Another Key Promise KEPT! Democrats were spring-loaded – went into instant melt-down! 13 minute video below the fold:

And on the Fifth Day,  President Trump said “Let’s build a couple of Pipelines,…and let our OIL FLOW!   Use American steel!” And across the land, Green Weenies began choking on their tofu…

Things just got REAL UGLY in California.  Governor MoonBeam suddenly needs to call President Trump.  AWKWARD! Charlie Baker, – how much longer will you play Brahmin Asshole?

Amazing how B and C actors feel they know how our government should be run…even when their movies and TV shows bomb,….and their personal lives are a shambles… This is in their face,…and delicious! 

Her announce 2018 run, one year early….. Her must need-um much wampum. She’s done nothing but squawk for 4 years,  – starts re-election run a year early,  – does she feel the need to keep her name in the media?

This morning’s snow & rain is just a gentle reminder of how bad things could get.  We ~ might ~ need federal help before the flowers bloom again.  Charlie,  have you called to congratulate Trump yet? Do you think Markey, the Squaw, or Jill Stein can clear roads, runways,  and tracks?

Our attention-seeking Attorney General has over-reached,  – and the Judge wants Exxon to have a chance to examine her motives…. She’s just spent a LOT of your money trying to avoid the trip,  – but all she did was piss off the judge.

Our Left-Wing Lesbian Crusader has been summoned to give a deposition in her left-wing witch-hunt against BIG OIL.   Will she wear her cowboy boots,  and bring her own attorney?  Will she visit Sue Ellen’s – the famous Dallas lesbian bar?