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If you were basking these past two decades in the bliss of Globalism and World Peace,  – you should now realize that not all the ‘players’ are peaceful,  – and some are quite ruthless. China has been growing militarily for these past two decades,  – financed on the incredibly naïve Americans who were willing to […]

Elon Musk may be a genius,  – some claim mostly for financing his wild ideas with taxpayer money….. His electric cars – the Tesla – are ‘the thing’ to own in liberal California,  – and they’re supposed to be safer than gasoline-powered cars;  – oh, and of course so much better for the environment….

Canada’s Justin Trudeau – a confirmed left-wing libtards,  – comes to meet Donald Trump at the White House today. He’s been there before;  – he became good buddies with Obama.  Now he’s meeting an adult president….

The Left Is Having A Shit-Fit!

December 12th, 2016

So are some members of the ‘Republican Party’…. Since one of our most pressing problems is a chronic shortage of cheap,  reliable energy,   – why isn’t the president of a world-wide energy company a great choice for SecState? Would the left prefer a failed bankrupt MoonBat?

Damned tough to claim you’re “fighting for the Middle Class”,  – when the guy endorsing you is worth $63 BILLION! If a schemer like Warren Buffett fears Trump enough to back the Evil Shrew,  – you know the fat cats are now taking Donald seriously.   AND you can see that the Democrats are NO LONGER the […]

Like a Shakespearean play,  – jealous,  petty,  and evil players lurk in the background,  – waiting for the Queen to stumble.   Iowa and then New Hampshire are the likely places, – – if the FBI doesn’t move first…. Bloomberg,  Brown,  Biden,  Warren,  and Kerry,  – each want to be President someday.  Each comes with their […]

Thank You Bobby Jindal!

November 17th, 2015

Governor Jindal has suspended his quest for the presidency. Always the underdog,  he ran a clean issue-focused campaign,  and continues to do an outstanding job as Governor of Louisiana,  – having cleaned up the mess left to him by that blithering idiot grandmother Kathleen Blanco. Bobby would make an outstanding SecEnergy or SecInterior in the […]

Jake Brewer: You Won’t Be Missed

September 20th, 2015

“Senior Policy Adviser” sounds V E R Y important;   – so does White House Office of Science and Technology Policy…. …until you do a little googling and discover that this particular White House office is staffed with 112 highly paid people – not including several ‘vacancies’. Jake was killed Saturday….

After being pResident, – he clearly wants to hang with the rich liberals of the Sierra Club than have a beer with the union workers who voted for him, – so screw them! With a waive of his mighty pen, – and a phone call to the Dept of Energy, – he scuttled the refitting […]