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If there are folks out there who still doubt that Trump is “Presidential Enough”,  – he laid utter waste to that idea tonight,  – as he eclipsed each and every Presidential Address and SOTU Address of my lifetime. And he did it in a room where surly sore-loser Democrats were wearing White and either sitting […]

Governor Jerry Brown’s Damn Dam

February 13th, 2017

It’s “Oh SHIT!” time…   Nearly 200,000 Northern Californians evacuated… Brown,  a hard-left Democrat,   has been in office this time since 1 Jan 2011.

Looks like some of Soros’ goons.   What does “Black Lives Matter” have to do with elementary education? This leftist resort to thuggery is exactly why Trump was elected!

The strangle-hold of the Teacher Unions on FULL display! Fifty (50) of the very worst ‘senators’ that union dues can buy!

Alabama Football may never be the same….

Her announce 2018 run, one year early….. Her must need-um much wampum. She’s done nothing but squawk for 4 years,  – starts re-election run a year early,  – does she feel the need to keep her name in the media?

Maybe Charlie wants some Trump Help in his re-election run come 2018…?   Careful Charlie,…look at how Trump humiliated your buddy Mitt….

Common Core Math For Hillary

December 21st, 2016

The Cult of Death is knocking at your door,  – let in by Obama,   Merkel,  Hillary,  and Kerry;  – and you need to be ready to fight, – or DIE! From Aleppo to Ankara to Berlin, they have shown you a glimpse of their vision of the world. It is a vision of submission […]

Four news stories this morning make it clear we are a nation badly divided.  It will take more than the genius of Donald Trump to fix it. Every action taken by individuals and by groups has consequences,  – some immediate,  – and some on future generations….   Stupid people don’t understand that – and often cannot […]