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Katie Walsh: Is She The Leaker?

February 21st, 2017

She’s from St. Louis, and worked for Reince Priebus at the RNC,  – and is today at age 32,  – the Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House. Now reports are swirling that Trump set her up with fake information to see if it would leak….and it did.  If this is true,  – will […]

These folks are not ‘reporters’,  – they’re carnivorous agenda-driven spin artists,  – looking for any word – even just a syllable,  – to hang a story on. Just imagine yourself stepping into this den of hyenas – every damned day,  – and trying to politely represent an honest President.  Video below the fold:

A short life utterly wasted in testament to Obama! Curtis Deal was already arrested 3 times in 2017,  – gun and drug charges.  He was a ‘person of interest’ in a homicide last year. In the officer’s body-cam video the running suspect can be seen raising his stolen 9mm pistol at the officer, – his […]

Jeff Sessions CONFIRMED 52 : 47

February 8th, 2017

There’s a new Sheriff in town!   Crooks and traitors should leave the country tonight! And if you’ve been  registering illegals to vote….

How About The US Senate Tom?

February 6th, 2017

She was an Obama Girl….with no brains….

Until Trump secures his Supreme Court appointment,  – and has at least a 5-4 majority,  – things are going to be messy. Judge Ann Marie Donnelly – on the bench for only 15 months,  – just stayed Trumps Executive Order banning certain ‘refugees’.  Watch for the media to fawn all over her.

A compact sub-machine gun is stolen from an agent’s car on the night of 8-9 January outside San Francisco,…and we’re just now hearing about it? Under your ‘leadership’ it seems the FBI has been more concerned with protecting Obama and Hillary than protecting us. You allowed your Agency to get SLOPPY!

From the days of J. Edgar Hoover (who was probably gay), through the Cold War, the drug wars, and the internet era, the FBI has consistently cherry-picked the easy cases, covered up evidence and crimes, lied to the American People, and year-after-year proven itself untrustworthy. In short,  – it has routinely acted as the Executive […]

The dastardly crime:   With malice of forethought the defendants mounted a TRUMP FLAG to a DEADLY PICKUP TRUCK – and drove through campus! Muffy sent a trained investigator (Hillary supporter) to gather facts, rumors, and hurt feelings…