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RRB Begins Our Ninth Year!

April 3rd, 2017

Eight years ago – April 2009 – we were reeling in disbelief at that specter of anti-Americanism our voters had just put into the White House.   Making matters worse for Patriots was how instantly his supporters would dismiss and brand any criticism – as RACIST! The nation was being cowed into meek submissiveness – in […]

Throughout the campaign people asked if Trump would change once he was in office…. Listen and judge for yourself.    video below the fold:

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have penetrated the dark operators working for the Clinton Cartel. If you ~ thought ~ the crap at Trump rallies was started by outside agitators,  – your instincts were correct.

The crowd scenes you are never shown by the Media,  – so they don’t have to show you Hillary’s tiny ‘gatherings’… Again he promises SPECIAL PROSECUTOR! Crowd roars! 2-hour video below the fold – Trump comes in at 1:16

In countries you might not find on an unmarked map – the Clintons have found ways to amass fortune after fortune.  The results are always the same;  thugs prosper,  people suffer and are often murdered, – and the US ends up looking like the villain. The scope of their evil is breath-taking.  This video ~ […]

The polls just aren’t telling the whole story…. Only tiny crowds continue to show up for Hillary,…Trump is deep inside her head,…and he is still filling stadiums…. And she cannot climb a simple few steps to deliver a stump speech without being assisted….

Chinese Aides Yell At Susan Rice

September 3rd, 2016

The ‘tone’ is very frosty for Obama’s final visit. Our ‘prize-winning Black wonder-kid’ is getting only minimum lip service from the Chinese,  – who disrespect him by yelling at Susan Rice and a press aide.

The self-righteous self-important ‘never-Trump’ RiNO assholes won’t be satisfied, (they never will be),  – but for voters who had legitimate doubts about how ‘presidential’ or how ‘serious’ Trump really is,  – last night should calm their fears…. He spoke directly to America’s Black communities and placed the blame squarely on 60+ years of Democrat Plantation Politics:  “Hillary […]

He get heckled a few times….. “Detroit is the living breathing example of Hillary’s failed economic agenda!”   If you’ve been waiting for a serious policy speech, – you’ve got one now!

Donald J. Trump:  The Long Road to the White House If you’re a Trump Hater,  – or a Trump Skeptic;  listen to this and note a certain consistency of theme and ideas….over 36 years and 5 presidents.