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Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was at a town hall meeting in Fulton explaining to her Democrat voter base why “FREE”…isn’t…. “In those countries,…people pay 70% in taxes…”

My Congresswoman – these past 9 years – is the third stupidest Congresswoman currently serving,  after Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee…. She’s a blithering disgrace. Small wonder that the morning after what will likely be scored as the all-time greatest Presidential Address, – there was her pre-written email attempting to tear it apart.  That […]

Governor Jerry Brown’s Damn Dam

February 13th, 2017

It’s “Oh SHIT!” time…   Nearly 200,000 Northern Californians evacuated… Brown,  a hard-left Democrat,   has been in office this time since 1 Jan 2011.

MassHOLE Dem pigs overriding Baker’s VETO of their PAY RAISE,  – EXACTLY what de Tocqueville warned us about! Income inequality be damned,  we want ours – right off the top!

Suddenly the 18 – year Congressvermin / Speaker has a challenger back home.   Meet Paul Nehlen.  We think you’ll like him…. Less than 4 years ago Ryan stood with Mitt before the Battleship Wisconsin,  and seemed like the perfect man to blow Crazy Old Joe Biden back to Delaware….

RIP:  Barbara Anderson – founder of Citizens for Limited Taxation who died yesterday at 73. Democrats across Massachusetts are cheering.   Nobody hated her more than Michael Dukakis, Deval Patrick,  the three convicted House Speakers,  Ted Kennedy,  John Kerry,  Elizabeth Warren,  Barney Frank,  Jim McGovern,  Niki Tsongas and Ed Markey. 

Like a Shakespearean play,  – jealous,  petty,  and evil players lurk in the background,  – waiting for the Queen to stumble.   Iowa and then New Hampshire are the likely places, – – if the FBI doesn’t move first…. Bloomberg,  Brown,  Biden,  Warren,  and Kerry,  – each want to be President someday.  Each comes with their […]

Tonight Was A Worthy Debate!

November 10th, 2015

A tip o’ the Hat to the Moderators – Cavuto, Bartiromo, and Baker.   Each acted as journalists – asking legitimate policy questions,  and giving the candidates enough time to give a detailed answer.  Not all were able to do that… Trump and Carson were the clear winners – by not losing ground and by vigerously […]

Even before Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans was slowly becoming another Democrat-run basket case. The city owes their firefighters $75 Million in back pay – PLUS $76 Million in interest. Judge Kern Reese is fed up! He has ordered Mayor Mitch Landrieu to start paying up – or face house arrest for the remaining 2 […]

McCain picked a bad time to spread his name across the media by attacking Donald Trump!   Now Doctor Kelli Ward – a practicing physician [and Arizona State Senator],  wants his US Senate seat,  and the tide may be moving with her! Somehow I doubt Kelli will want Obama to arm Muslim terrorist groups in Syria.