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Here is a Sheriff with the guts to tell Americans what they need to hear.  He’s already taking heat from the left-wing surrender monkeys,  – so you know his brief video is worth listening to. You gentle souls who aren’t armed – PLEASE LISTEN!

We’re just 2 weeks from the Special Election Runoff Vote in the Georgia 6th District,  and the Hollywood money is still pouring in. What we have is a Trump Republican vs a young Bernie Sanders…

After 35 years of sponsoring terrorism across the Muslim world, terrorism has come home to roost, – in the Iranian Parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini. AND,  it was such a public attack the Iranians can’t keep it hushed up!  2 short videos:

A story you won’t see on the Media!   Freshman California Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragán holds a town hall she’ll never forget. NOTE:   Democrats wouldn’t stand and say the Pledge,…and they weren’t there in sufficient strength to bully the Trump supporters. She’ll have a heavy police detail next time.  Video below the fold:

Is he speaking as a European Mayor, – as a British Mayor, – or as London’s Muslim Mayor? All the Blood and Treasure we spent saving Europe from the Nazis and then from the Commies,  – only to have the Muslims and Socialists take over…? Europe may be all but LOST.   Americans better wise up!

Blame Black Racism and Union Teachers;  5 schools tested – not even one (1) student scored “proficient”. Once upon a time – the cry was “Black students can’t learn from White teachers,  – they need to see Black Faces in the front of the room!”.

It has been soooo long since we’ve had an honorable SecState,  I’d nearly forgotten the feelings of Pride that a worthy one can invoke! Rex Tillerson took a ride Sunday – with the Patriots of Rolling Thunder.  He fit right in!

Memorial Day 2017

May 28th, 2017

As a small boy I’d follow my mother to the ceremony in the cemetery,  wait for the firing party to fire the volleys,…then scramble to collect the spent shells,…never understanding why the grown-ups were often in tears…. …until…it was my turn to cry…over good young men never to be seen again,…and only the memories of […]

Bodies will be dropping,  – and the Democrat Mayor and his Garden Gnome Police Commissioner are ready with their usual excuses: “Too many GUNS running wild on our streets!” The Propaganda Ministry – even the once-honest Boston Herald – are playing right along.