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It was a weird mixture of ugly and stupid in the Senate Chamber today – as Democrats – seemingly spearheaded by the Saturday Night Live Clown – continued their attempts to sell their “Russian Interference” tale… This hearing was taking the very day after it is revealed that the FBI – (under Director Robert Mueller) […]

It was happening – maybe for years – in the very shadow of City Hall,  the Federal Building,  and just 1/3 mile (1900 feet) from Baker’s Office.   6 scumbags were selling Mass Driver’s Licenses to illegals – and registering them to vote. At RRB we have to ask why it took the Mass State Police […]

At RRB we’ve called Maine’s Senior Senator a retard for years,  – someone too dull to really understand the issues.  Listen to her bemoaning ObamaCare in the well of the Senate back in November 2013. Then ask yourself, – what changed by 2017 – to cause her to keep voting against repeal?  Did she have […]

Proving forever that he is a deep-core DemoCRAP, Tall Deval just promised to make up any shortfall in federal Planned Parenthood funding – from our Massachusetts Treasury! If you want to kill babies so badly Tall Deval, write your own personal check!   Get all your RiNO and DemoCRAP buddies to write them too.   Leave us […]

Marty Walsh Can’t Buy A Gun?

August 14th, 2015

The young mayor with the most politically correct and socially attuned police force in the nation has a murder problem on his hands,  – and his top cop looks more like a garden gnome than a crime-fighter. Now his gun buy-back program only pulled in one lone gat?  What could possibly be going wrong?

400 of them – having spent a ‘career’ sucking on the Taxpayer Teat – are putting in for early retirement…. Next stop – the Massachusetts Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission in Somerville,

“He shall have Power,  by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate,  to make Treaties,  provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;…”  Article II, § 2 The Senate just passed an unconstitutional bill 62-37 – allegedly giving Obama fast-track approval authority [TPA] for the deal he wants to make with China – […]

My email arrived from ChairMouse Kristen Hughes – proudly trumpeting their ‘new & improved’ website. Since I’d just been highly critical of their site in a Boston Broadside article – I had to take a look. Sad to report it’s still just a RiNO watering hole. There is no Republican message there – just two […]

BREAKING: Our new “Republican” Governor Baker is recycling Deval Patrick’s crew of fat ladies: Erin Deveney will return to the Registry of Motor Vehicles after her brief stint replacing Olga Roche at DFC last year.

Can’t even begin to tell you how satisfying it was to type those words! The axe has fallen on another chapter of Doctor Gruber’s political life, – Governor Charlie Baker was able to stop shoveling snow long enough to fire four of Deval Patrick’s Klingons from the Mass Health Connector. We suspect that Gruber went […]