Candice Owens: How To Escape The Plantation

Posted September 5th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Candice is starting to take the Conservative Blogosphere by storm,  and she’s going to anger a LOT of poverty pimps.

The good news is that there is nobody on the Left who can match her wit or her delivery.   Inside of a minute she makes people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton look positively illiterate.
7-min video you’ll enjoy:

I think that by this time next year – 2018 – Candice will be a household name in most Conservative homes.  You Go Girl!

Only a matter of time before the goons in the Media [Propaganda Ministry] try to destroy her….

3 Responses to “Candice Owens: How To Escape The Plantation”

  1. Sherox

    This woman is right on target

  2. Catherine

    LOVE her comment, “Your education wasn’t ‘free’ – it cost you your MIND.” How true!

  3. Mt Woman

    She’s refreshing and one smart cookie!! Love her!!

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