Canada Sending Troops To US Border

Posted August 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Under Siege!    “Refugees” from US pouring across the Canadian border seeking asylum.   Now Prime Minister Trudeau has sent troops to back up the RCMP,  and keep order.

It seems some people are taking Trump and Jeff Sessions seriously!  
Thus far the refugees are mostly Haitian illegalsno Hollywood liberals yet

4 Responses to “Canada Sending Troops To US Border”

  1. Hawk1776

    Lucky Canada. Just what Trudeau wanted. Let us know how it works out.

    1,100,000 fewer people are on food stamps in the US. Coincidence?

  2. Walter Knight

    Canada much have better welfare, aye.

  3. Mt Woman

    Ironically, so many chant and argue that President Trump and the US policies on border security are draconian as well as unfair and wrong on immigration. Of course, that is until the problem directly hits them. Then, all bets are off. Now it’s perfectly fine for Trudeau and Canada to yell that they don’t want our illegals either.

  4. Catherine

    So where are the leftie loonies screaming “racists!” “xenophobes!” “haters” and other imprecations against the Canadian government? After all, they scream that about the US when we try border enforcement. Or is it “racism” only when it’s an administration that they disagree with?