Bud Laureyns, USMC – Died A Happy Man!

Posted November 10th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The Marine Veteran was old,  and slowed by various ailments;  – but he lived long enough to see his efforts to defeat Hillary and elect Trump come to pass.
On Friday, January 20th,  – he’ll be in DC – watching from above as a member of the USMC Silent Honor Guard.  Semper Fi Bud.  We’re already missing you!

If you want to honor Bud,  and all the other elderly and dying veterans…

…find a teenager

….and begin to teach them History,  self-respect,   responsibility, and love of our country.

They’re not getting that in their schools….

Not everybody is good enough or tough enough to be a Marine; – but everybody should try to be a historically grounded and well-informed Patriot!

17 Responses to “Bud Laureyns, USMC – Died A Happy Man!”

  1. Brad Wyatt

    Bud was a true patriot that cared about our country.
    Always willing to step up and help out conservatives.

    Rest in Peace

  2. Ron Motta

    Bud was the second true loss that we have suffered in recent days (John O’Mara being the first). Bud was an unabashed lover of this country and was always to be counted on whenever and wherever his presence was needed.

    His final legacy was that he did all he can to insure the defeat of Madame Clinton.

    Rest in peace, big fella!

  3. Kojack

    RIP Bud. I miss reading your comments.

  4. Catherine

    We are diminished by his loss. Rest in Peace!

  5. Leonard Mead

    Bud was ALWAYS there — at rallys, at standouts — fighting liberals, fighting corrupt democrats in spite of his mobility problems. Always wearing his Marine Corps hat.
    Bud — you lived to see Hillary STOPPED and Trump elected.
    That’s what all of us worked YEARS to see.
    Len Mead

  6. Marty Lamb

    If anything was predictable in Massachusetts politics it was that Bud would be out there on the front line fighting for the cause. We have lost a true patriot. I can’t think of a rally, standout or tea party even without Bud there (Don usually at his side) whether it was to fight for Secure Communities, rally for a candidate (he was there for me) or stop Obamacare.
    When I heard of Bud’s passing I heard that he was still very much aware of Trump’s victory on Tuesday and gave the “thumbs up” acknowledging the victory. We all know that Bud was in integral part of that victory thanks to his personal activism.
    Over the centuries the rabbis have taught that when God sends a soul to earth it is assigned a specific task to complete before being called back to heaven. To me, I see November 8th as the completion of Bud’s Godly task of helping to save America and now he is back in God’s embrace.
    May his memory be a blessing for all whose life he touched and an inspiration to all of us to continue to our fight.

  7. Jessica Vaughan

    Rest in peace, Bud. Will miss your spirit. Getting to be quite the rally within those pearly gates.

  8. Vincent Picarello

    RIP Bud. Tea Party Meetings will not be the same without you present. You will be missed. .

  9. Patrick Humphries

    I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Bud Laureyns – he was a true conservative, hard worker, ever present, worked well with all and was passionate about saving the country.
    Glad you were able to witness the defeat of Hillary Clinton, and the election of Donald Trump.

    I had thought of John O’Mara several times on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Keep your fellow Marine company. Semper Fi

    R.I.P. Bud.

  10. Desiree Awiszio

    I’ll never forget my conversations with Bud on the phone, most recently a few weeks ago while he was in rehab. He was doing better and looking forward to getting home in a matter of days. We talked about Donald Trump gaining in the polls, and how we believed he would win.

    I have very fond memories of Bud doing many standouts with us for Marty Lamb for Congress. I recently did a share on my Facebook wall of a 6-yr memory pic taken of us in Worcester outside Tuckerman Hall in 2010. McGovern was doing a fundraiser there. Bud was the happy warrior always ! He was always together with Don Young, and both of them were wonderful volunteers for us and many other candidates.

    They were also at a big standout we did in Sturbridge outside the Publick House picketing the “League of Women Vultures” as we commonly refer to them. The LWV had been running ads against Sen. Scott Brown that were false and outlandish.

    Time and time again, Bud was out there. We so enjoyed each other’s company at the Tea Party rallies at Lincoln Square in Worcester. He was always a wonderful part of our bus trips for Secure Communities.

    I have many pics of Bud that I took throughout these years, and I will cherish them.

    Bud was also very solid pro-2A and a great teacher. His students were lucky to have him.

    Bud served this nation in the Marines, and we thank him for his service and defending our freedom and liberty.

    I will miss Bud greatly and his deep voice and hearty laugh.

    My sincere sympathies to wife, Helen and the family. Thoughts and prayers are with them. May his memory be eternal.

  11. Ralphie boy

    Many of us knew Bud as a dedicated patriot
    who always was there when summoned to
    help his fellow patriots. He served his country
    as a proud Marine. He now joins his fellow
    marine and patriot, John O’mara’s.

    As many of us remember, Bud was a second amendment
    supporter and worked endlessly to fight for
    our freedoms, and most notably, his desire
    to see and support the many rallies that
    were held fighting the battles that were
    most important to our country.

    My deepest sympathy to his wife Helen and family.
    A proud American who will be missed by many.

    RIP my friend.

  12. Jim Buba

    Sorely missed, he will be.

    After Tuesday, many of us can R.I.P., but the hard work is still ahead of us.

    (where have you heard that before)

  13. Bill McCarthy

    I am sorry to hear this news. Bud was a good man and someone you could turn to for advice on a current topic. He will be missed by many.

  14. Jeff Gray

    Rest in peace Bud. I am very pleased that you were able to see that the Draino worked and the crap in Washington is now able to reach the sewers where it belongs.

  15. Mike N

    I knew Bud mostly through the 2A group that he was part of. A staunch supporter of not only the Second Amendment but the conservative cause in general. He served our country as a Marine and defended it to his final days on earth. Honor and valor is heaped upon his name.

    God bless you Bud.

  16. Jim Ahlstrand

    I knew Bud as his stepson for 50 years. I was lucky that he came into my life as my 2nd father. He taught me how to fish, shoot, hunt, cook the best steaks, work hard for what I wanted. He was the most influential person in my life and molded me into a respectful conservative.

    In my adult life, he was the pillar of strength, the rock, the voice of reason. I will always live my life with the memory and guidance he provided me. I am blessed to still hear his voice and hear his laugh and have so many loving memories. Though losing him is overwhelming, I realize how lucky my life has been. I pay forward to my children, his teachings with hopes of making the world a better place.

    It has been comforting to know I don’t stand alone in my grief. Thank you for every word above.

    Jim Ahlstrand

  17. Chris Pinto

    I really don’t know what to say only because word can not properly express how great a man Frank Bud Lauryens truly was.

    It is a horrible loss.

    Bud was such a patriot that he told me he was going to fight until his dying breath. That is how much he loved this country, he wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stop him. From where I stand, he kept that promise.

    Bud was a huge inspiration to so many.

    We will all miss him dearly but I am happy to know that he learned that Trump won before he was called to Jesus.

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