Brian J. Binder: Worthless Sub-Human

Posted September 29th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Brian’s short troubled life illustrates why we need tougher sentencing laws,  – and why after 3 or 4 strikes – some scumbags should get a mandatory life sentence,  – or a short trip through a wood-chipper.

Brian has been out of a NH prison for just a month….having served a term for kidnapping women at knifepoint,  and another for drug possession.  Early today he fired a pistol at two Lunenburg cops. They fired back. They need more range time.

There is so much wrapped up in this sad tale of a lifetime loser.

But note that a 2 x time felon was able to get a gun.  Gun laws don’t stop criminals,  – they just inconvenience honest folks – and thwart good people from being armed.

Back in July 2010 Binder had kidnapped two women in Rochester NH – at knifepoint.   It’s unclear how much time he served,  but on January 4th last year the Somersworth police arrested him on a drug charge – which likely violated his parole.

In the short month since getting out of the NH State Prison,  Binder found a handgun and found his way to Lunenburg.  When cops answered a call about a ‘suspicious person’ – he fired at them.

Just think of the savings to Massachusetts Taxpayers if their marksmanship had been better.

Now we’ll be paying for the bullet wound to his hand.  And for his room and board for these next 8 – 15 years. 

And his legal team….    And his various appeals….

THINK ABOUT THIS PEOPLE:   If Brian had managed to KILL either of those cops – we don’t have a DEATH PENALTY!

4 Responses to “Brian J. Binder: Worthless Sub-Human”

  1. Catherine

    As much as I respect the police, all the ones I have personal knowledge of are *terrible* shots. It’s not enough to keep your cool and know when to shoot and when to refrain; you must also, if it IS time to shoot, be able to hit your target and preferably ONLY that target.

  2. Mt Woman

    I wonder if the issue is being a poor shot or more that good police are afraid to shoot for fear of starting a war that they will undoubtedly lose. (Remember the new rule of thumb: The bad guy is always the winner in a shoot out with police) Maybe also, the police were excellent shots and literally shot the gun out of the hand of the bad-guy–ala the westerns that I grew up watching!

  3. Susan

    For one thing he’s from nh and the gun laws are different than mass. Another thing, he can buy a gun from anyone of the street. I would like to know what he was doing down here in Lunenburg if he’s from Nashua? And creeping around being suspicious. I agree that I believe the cop shot the gun out of his hand. Thank God. And I hope he gets some help, cause he needs it!

  4. Varvara

    I hope everyone notices that the comments are all by women. It is a shame that that so much time, money and energy will be spent in rehabilitating this scum.