BREAKING! Republican Whip Shot!

Posted June 14th, 2017 by Iron Mike

This is breaking news. Madman, disgruntled Democrat , – or AntiFA?

Before the blood dries we’ll hear the usual Democrat Chorus singing their anti-gun serenade.  Just gotta ask – all the Trump-hate the left wing media has been churning,  – how much blame will they admit to…?   Now here come the blathering nuts:


We lose 93 Million a day to gun violence!”

Yes,  this hyper-ventilating anti-gun ASSHOLE – and personal friend of the Clintons – is the GOVERNOR of Virginia.

Let’s wait to see if the shooter is a registered Democrat….

==========WELL, GUESS WHAT?  ====================

UPDATE:   12:15 Wed 14 June 2017   Shooter Identified!

He is / was – 66 year old home inspector from Bellesville, IL – James T. Hodgkinson, – a Bernie Sanders supporter and known Trump-hater.

We told you that Bernie attracted all the nut cases….

At RRB we hope he suffered….

As a Home Inspector – he’s well qualified to inspect his new ‘home’ – the inside of a coffin.

Now,  will Democrats and their Propaganda Ministry blame ‘GUNS’,…the NRA,…their own vile anti-Trump narrative,….or a SICK MIND…?

7 Responses to “BREAKING! Republican Whip Shot!”

  1. Kojack

    The MOONBATS/DEMOCRAPS/RiNO’s are secretly(some no doubt not so secretly) CELEBRATING and ENCOURAGED! This is what they wanted, it was bound to happen sooner or later. This could be the EARLY STAGES OF THE OVERTHROW OF TRUMP GOING VIOLENT!

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Right on time, Mike, as if scheduled, VA Gov. McAuliffe just said “There are too many guns on the street”…

  3. MC

    Any blood spilled here is on the hands of the fake news media and their attempts to stir up this exact type of incident.

  4. Catherine

    Since at least the 1960’s, the violence in this country has been EXCLUSIVELY from the LEFT – who all the while blame anyone/everyone on the right (mainly for existing, as far as I can tell).

    The extreme leftist thug/leaders have been pushing this agenda of violence for the past eight-plus years and have really ramped up since their second self-anointed one LOST last November (thank you, Lord, for that). ALL the blood spilled in the last decade is on THEIR heads.

    And what fecking idiots – if we were losing “93 million a day” the entire country would be dead in about half a week. Change it to “years” and we’re still talking less than one presidential election cycle. Do math? – heck, these fools cannot even COUNT. No wonder they all fall for the global warming shite; that requires understanding counting, and numbers. Totally beyond them, it seems.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    Unfortunately, score one for Hold-it Healey, if reports that the gun used was an AR-15 are true.

  6. Vic

    Soviet SKS – non-detachable magazine.

    Soviet SKS

  7. Sonny's Mom

    Mil-blog This Ain’t Hell posted an update on how Hodgkinson was able to legally purchase a firearm in the state of Illinois.
    It’s been reported that after he reached Northern Virginia he was living out of his van. But Sandy Shack (today, 1510 AM noon-3pm) said he was living at a Y across the street from the practice field.

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