BREAKING! Obama Apologizes For Lying!

Posted November 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Liar ApologizesTalk about ‘too little, – too late‘ – the liar didn’t even have the grace to do it as a presidential announcement.

It was just a remark in a cream-puff interview with his partners at NBC.

We’ve endured 4 years under a third-world despot,  an economy which sucks,  and good working people tossed into part-time status – or fired.

Hey Barry, if you’re really sorry, FIRE Sebelius, – then RESIGN yourself!

So he says he’s ‘sorry’.  Was he lying then, – or is he lying now?

4 Responses to “BREAKING! Obama Apologizes For Lying!”

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  2. Casey Chapman

    OF Course he’s lying now!!!! Are his lips moving? If they are, he’s lying. He is a commie, has commies and fellow Muslim brotherhood members on staff as well. I’m sick of him. I don’t consider him my pResident.
    We need to do everything we can to can all RINO’s as well.

  3. Hawk1776

    Read between the lines: he didn’t apologize for lying, he apologized for being caught lying.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Anytime he apologizes, he’s apologizing for GETTING CAUGHT at lying.