Border Patrol Getting New Boss

Posted January 27th, 2017 by Iron Mike

They were quick to endorse Candidate Trump;  – now they get their reward,  – their despised Obama-appointed outsider boss has been booted!

And it sure didn’t take long – just 7 days.

It seems Obama had been ‘troubled’ by reports of Border Patrol agents being rough on illegals….

.so last June – he took Mark Morgan,  – a career FBI procedure writer and training officer,  and made him Chief of the Patrol – the first outsider to be placed in command.

The troops weren’t happy – they endorsed Trump.

Maybe it was more than being an outsider – one with no experience patrolling the desert and catching illegals and drug smugglers….

.maybe it was pinning on 4 stars to make the case that he was the new boss – writing the new Obama-approved catch-and-release procedures.

So the former Marine – former Deputy Sheriff – former FBI Agent – will be gone before he figures out where the golf course is….

No more Catch-and-Release!  “You’re Fired!”

Anybody out there think Trump wasn’t serious about securing our Border?   Still think it was all just campaign rhetoric?

3 Responses to “Border Patrol Getting New Boss”

  1. Kojack

    He was part of Obysmal’s regime…..that negates anything else in his background up to and inclusive of walking on water.

  2. Vincent Picarello

    LOVE IT….

  3. MC

    All in the first week as promised !

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