Bob DeLeo Needs You To FORGET Their Sins

Posted May 27th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The Speaker of the Mass House will now spend the summer screwing over your God-given Constitutionally- protected RIGHTSto lay down a smoke screen.Bob DeLeo Screw the 2nd
He’s hoping you’ll forget about 7+ years of scandals under Deval Patrick and the Democrat-controlled legislature.  Forget about Jeremiah Oliver,  Lucas Braman,  Justina Pelletier, the Probation Department hiring,  the bloated budget – those 47,000 missing EBT cards, the murders by illegal immigrants….

He’s playing “Let’s Blame Guns!”

After all, there just a few gun dealers remaining in the state, – and guns can’t vote.DeLeo and Deval

But mindless Mass MoonBats will eat it up:

“At last – they’re finally doing something!” [swoon]

Massachusetts legislators have NOTHING to show for their time in office – except an obnoxious self-raising gasoline tax, – a bloated state budget, dead and missing kids, – and Deval Patrick’s collection of pathetically inept and morbidly obese hirelings.

Now they can campaign over the dead bodies of the kids at Sandy Hook [never let a kid’s corpse go to waste], – while they expect you to OVERLOOK the 100,000+ kids MURDERED last year – by abortion.

As this story plays out, – remember these TRAITORS all took an OATH – to “Uphold, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States”

And the “Press” is with them!!!  Note this photo that CBS Boston published today – showing a handgun in a very unsafe mode.

MoonBat Zeal

Think they knew; – or are they really that stupid?
Ask them:  617  787-7145

If MoonBats were SERIOUS about reducing “gun crime” – they’d bring back the DEATH PENALTY!

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4 Responses to “Bob DeLeo Needs You To FORGET Their Sins”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    How soon before Smith and Wesson in Sprinfield decides to pick up and leave for more gun friendly and tax friendly states like Alabama and Texas? Why do these gun grabbing progressives continue their narrative to always blame the gun? The complicit media is always their willing accomplice. More restrictive anti constitutional laws will do nothing to lessen violence and terrorist activities, just more administrative bureaucracy for the law abiding citizens.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Smith and Wesson would be much better off in Texas.

  3. Hawk1776

    Most of the proposals only affect those legally obtaining and using firearms. Instead of infringing on their second amendment rights, how about targeting criminals? This state is a sick joke.

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