Bloomberg Buys Another Anti-Gun Democrat

Posted August 24th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Former NYC Mayor / Billionaire Michael Bloomberg HATES gunsany gunsall guns – and mostly your guns!   So he buys anti-gun politicians wherever he can find them.
Bloomberg buys Aramis Ayala
Amaris Ayala is a Democrat running for State Attorney down in Florida’s Osceola and Orange Counties.  So far she’s raised chicken feed in campaign funds, – so anti-gun Bloomberg is paying for her TV ads…. Did Bloomberg vet her,…any further than her anti-gun positions…?

It seems this young attorney is in what we ~ might ~ call a “mixed marriage”,…her husband has a bit of a criminal record,…including back in New York City.   Michael, did you know…?

Aramis Ayala for State Attorney

David’s history:

New York:   Federal gun and cocaine charges = 7 years

Pennsylvania:  Conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine
                            check counterfeiting

Aramis Ayala website

As Christians we certainly believe in penance, forgiveness, redemption, and a new birth in Christ.

But we also believe strongly in our God-given rights to liberty,  and our right and our obligations to defend our lives and our liberty.

The 2nd Amendment is pretty dear to most real Christians…..

So Aramis,…why exactly does Michael Bloomberg think you’re a good investment?

And just to make things more complicated, – there may be some Soros money in the new Alaya ads…

She ~ may ~ not have known about it,  – may not have asked for the outside help.  It is the nature of these billionaire power-brokers to do what they want to – and ‘damn the little people’…..

Bloomberg anti gun campaign

UPDATE:   Wed, 31 August 2016   With nearly $100K from Bloomberg and Soros, – she won the primary….

Ayala wins primary

UPDATE:    Thurs 16 March 2017    Racism?   Or Black Lives Matter?  State Attorney Ayala refuses to pursue Death Penalty in ANY case, – but today is lets Cop Killer Markeith Loyd off the hook.

2 Responses to “Bloomberg Buys Another Anti-Gun Democrat”

  1. Catherine

    More civilian guns = fewer deaths. Always, in history.

    So all the “if it saves ONE child!” crap is literally that: crap. Hypocrisy that results in death.

    So – since it provably saves children (and others) – always vote to preserve the Second Amendment!


    Catherine, – if they REALLY wanted to save children,….they’d shut down abortion mills….

    But,…abortion mills pay BIG Campaign Contributions to Democrat Politicians,…and to some RiNOs!

  2. Not as Stupid as YOU

    NYC like Chicago has some of the most restrictive guns laws anywhere BUT the surrounding areas have little if any gun controls. Dude served his time and is apparently rehabilitated…but because he’s a darkie he doesn’t get the same pass as some gun toting drug addled white dude on this POS site? yeah,figures. No motherfucker is EVER going to take away my 2 dozen crossbows…fuck you gun wielding pussies!

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