Blame The Schools

Posted June 12th, 2012 by Iron Mike

They’re incubators of socialism.

To fully understand why they call us ‘DEEP Blue Mass’ – just look at our remaining big-money ‘industry’ – liberal colleges.

There are some 251 active colleges throughout New England, 114 of them here in the MoonBat State. GUESS how many are remotely ‘conservative’?

These Socialist incubators have spawned generations of ‘thinkers’ [and at least one ‘community organizer’] who have gone into government [or back into the school system K-16] each reinforcing the strange elitist utopian view of how the world should be.

Taxpayer funded, and tax exempt – they have worked tirelessly to advance a ‘social justice’ view of life, of our nation, and of our Constitution.

Any wonder there are no REAL jobs left here? Any WONDER the jobs are all in China?

Today with unemployment at a record high, property values at a record low, 25% of our people on some sort of government assistance [welfare] do you think our ‘institutions of higher learning’ have begun to ponder alternative approaches to society and the role of government?

Here is the current Real Clear Politics voter trend summary for the 2012 election:

As a flashback – to the days when Massachusetts was still a manufacturing powerhouse – here is the election results map from November 1972.  Those Harvard nurtured anti-war sentiments were thriving back then, even as Nixon was trying to extract us from the fray.

Yeah, that’s right, MoonBat Mass was the ONLY state to vote for McGovern!

Nixon punished Massachusetts by closing Westover AFB and the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Have you guessed the only TWO (2) conservative schools in New England?

Hint: one is in Connecticut, the other in Rhode Island. Strangely, both are taxpayer-funded. 

Did you NOTICE that we once had 17 electoral votes?  Where did our votes go?  Did they go with the jobs?

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