Black Lives Matter Tips Their Real Agenda

Posted October 5th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It was a Free Speech event featuring the ACLU last week at William & Mary College,  and Black Lives Matter decided to shut it down,  – as a demonstration of their in-your-face power.

But in their fascist zeal,  some in the group were shouting something far more disturbing.

The Revolution will not uphold the Constitution!”

And THAT Folks – should send a chill up your spine!

BLM is just one group of a wider movement to subvert our Republic,  – to start an armed revolution,  – and to install a new socialist / communist society and government.

And while most of it’s members are cannon fodder,  – narrowly focused on emotional Black / White / Police issues,  – their cadres are well aware of the long-term objectives.

These cadres are true zealots,…no common-sense argument or array of facts and history will penetrate their brains.  If the revolution they want really starts,  – they will hide behind the cannon fodder,  – issuing orders and sending stupid emotional young people to die in droves.

God help your grandchildren if their revolutionary dream ever succeeds.

As occurred in France, in Russia, in China, and in Cuba,…the wealthy and successful families – those who know how to run the infrastructure of a nation, – will be killed. It will be a blood-bath.

So the BLM chapter at William & Mary tipped their real agenda.

You are forewarned.

And please understand – – if you have kids in high school or college,  – – they’re getting this socialist shit in BOTH EARS EVERY DAY.   Our once-proud colleges have become socialist training camps.

Brace yourself for Thanksgiving and Christmas when your indoctrinated college student comes home.

5 Responses to “Black Lives Matter Tips Their Real Agenda”

  1. hddan

    You are right. I would have thought that you were a whacko a few years ago but not in 2017. That is precisely what is happening as frightening as it sounds. I am old and I will not be around to see how these college educated idiots like their “Brave New World”.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    I think, or at least I hope, that even the colleges and universities are going to one day recognize the threat extends to them, as well, and that enough is enough.

    In the meantime, one armed man defending his home is worth ten paid thugs.

    In a way, Vietnam taught me that…

  3. Jim Gettens

    The College of William & Mary, chartered in 1693, the self-styled “Alma Mater of a Nation”:

    That was then, this is now…

    Robert Gates is the current W & M Chancellor. Hey Bob, any comments???

    BTW, W & M teams used to be called the “Indians” but, bowing to both political correctness AND the NCAA, the PU$$IES running W & M went to “Tribe” instead, and, bowing to further NCAA pressure, eliminated FEATHERS as part of the “Tribe’s” symbol!

    So W & M teams are now called the “Tribe” but the new Mascot is “The Griffin”:

    No one has ever explained what the F#CKING “GRIFFIN” has to do with the F#CKING “TRIBE”…

    And now you have an idea why I make annual donations to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education/F.I.R.E., THE LEADING FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS ADVOCATE ON CAMPUSES ACROSS THE U.S.

  4. Panther 6

    BLM is a blight on our nation and what it stands for – ALL LIVES MATTER. The ACLU may turn on these idiots before it is all over. The Green Beret LTC has nailed it also. If these idiots ever succeed, even a little, the college profs pushing this will end up against the wall also.

  5. Walter Knight

    Ha! Liberals practicing and putting on a rent-a-mob show for other liberals.