Bill Milquetoast O’Reilly Questions Obama

Posted February 2nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

O’Reilly has been “…giving Mr. Obama the benefit of the doubt…” for five (5) full years – in the face of overwhelming evidence of Obama’s racism, corruption, bumbling, lying and treason.

So why ask softball questions, and why accept bald-faced lies?  Unless, – you’re a secret Democrat?

This was a clash of two GIANT egos, – and Obama won by sticking to his lies.  O’Reilly lost by being a pushover.

5 Responses to “Bill Milquetoast O’Reilly Questions Obama”

  1. MC

    I would like to have seen Judge Jeanine do this interview and have no doubt there would have been different questions with a different result.

    But we know that would never happen!

  2. Casey Chapman

    With the liar in chief, the results are always the same. He gets asked descent questions, doesn’t answer them, and is allowed to get away with it. You’ve heard of the teflon don? What we have here is a teflon pResident.

  3. Walter Knight

    It’s not everyone who gets to interview the President, no matter who that President may be. It’s always going to be like this, or access will be denied. That does not mean O’Reilly is a closet Democrat or a secret liberal.

    O’Reilly is an important conservative voice whether you always agree with him or not.

  4. Chris Christie

    I think the President did a great job answering O’Reilly’s silly questions.

  5. Walter Knight

    I clicked on ‘Chris Christie’ to see what would happen. Very funny, but not ethical.