Bill Clinton – The Entertaining Liar

Posted September 5th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Still wagging his finger at us
– after all these years…

Bill rambled on long tonight – attempting to glorify the Obama Cartel, and debunk the Romney-Ryan ticket. 

He lost all credibility when he gave Joe Biden credit for the Iraq withdrawal.  Biden must have been squirming – being denied a speaking role.

Michelle was becoming annoyed started scowling, because lies and all, Bill owned the house in a lighthearted and humorous way that Barack can never achieve.  Once again he has upstaged Obama, and she was aware of it – and was powerless to stop it.

I‘m sure other ladies were thrilled.

Sad footnote – I’m pretty sure I detected a little palsy in Bill’s hands tonight.  I’d always thought that STDs would get him first.

One Response to “Bill Clinton – The Entertaining Liar”

  1. GL Adams

    Clinton was a liar while he was in office, he pointed that same finger and lied about having SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH “THAT WOMAN” that he was pointing during his speech at the DNC. We must also remember Bill Clinton is actually the one who lowered the requirements for people buying homes thru HUD programs, not George Bush, result was when Bush 43 took office almost 50 percent of federally backed mortgages were subprime. Clinton also signed the bill that “DEREGULATED” the financial services industry in 1999, again not Bush 43. We must all check all facts parties are stating, in order that we vote with the correct facts and not what we are being told.