Bill Clinton Off Script: Slams ObamaCare

Posted October 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Speaking in Flint Michigan Monday,  once again Bubba went off script,  – probably because he had a hot chick waiting back stage….
…the craziest thing in the world!”  he said….speaking far more truth in one sentence than his lying wife has in a lifetime….
Video snippet below the fold…

Notice how frail and gaunt Bill looks.   Does he have AIDS?

Did he tell the truth because he knows he’s dying…?

3 Responses to “Bill Clinton Off Script: Slams ObamaCare”

  1. MC

    Never thought I would hear the truth come out of Bill’s mouth — but folks forget he isn’t running his wife is and she doesn’t believe the same thing. Since she wears the Pants in that family, there would be no change for the folks and subsidies to the insurance companies to cover their costs.

  2. Catherine

    Nope; he is “telling the truth” on abominationcare as a prelude to going full single-payer. Just like hc spearheaded (that failed) in 1995-ish.

    If he were telling the TRUTH, he would point out that all we need do is enforce existing laws (Sherman & Clayton Acts, that prevent monopolies, price-fixing, and other unethical dealings) against the medical industry. Except they have paid PLENTY to legis-vermin to be exempted from those EXISTING laws.

    The aca is working just like it was DESIGNED to: be an utter FAILURE so that the people demand a single payer system!

  3. Jim Buba

    Hey, a Single-Payer system will work… after all the Doctors and Nurses become Government Employees at $40,000-$80,000/annually.

    Then, that will be too much, and they will have to take a pay cut, in order to maintain the lifestyle of the For-Profit Administrators.

    Yeah, it will work real good… if you like disaster.

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