BEWARE: The Nassour–Kangas Hustle

Posted December 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Nassour w/ Mitt | Kangas

Very QUIETLY, our Republican State Party Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour has called State Committee meeting of the MassGOP – for the purpose of re-electing herself.   

She tried to do this on the QT because she is well aware of widespread anger at her.  So when people expressed their outrage to the Vice-Chair – Jeanne Kangas, the following missile was launched:

From: Jeanne Kangas <>
Sent: Thu, Dec 23, 2010 10:17 am
Subject: RE: Republican State Committee January Meeting

Dear State Committee Members,

I have received 6 emails from activists expressing great concern and criticism for scheduling our January meeting on January 6. Their concern appears focused on the short period of time between now and January 6 that a candidate running for Chair has to campaign. I send you this email to you (and to those six activists) to explain why the meeting is on January 6, 2011.

That the State Committee has a meeting in January is of no surprise to anyone. That our Bylaws require at least ten days notice is also of no surprise. Chairman Jennifer Nassour at HQ sent the Notice to our Secretary over 21 days ago; but our Secretary didn’t reply or send out the Notice. I don’t know why at this point, but it IS the Holiday/Christmas season, and I know most of us are especially busy. I am the next in line to send out the Notice; and I sent it out to you as soon as I received it from HQ, well ahead of the required 10 days.

The Republican National Committee meets the week after January 6, 2011 and will be electing the Chair of the National Committee. It is a critically important and hotly contested vote. Chairman Nassour thinks it best to have whoever is elected our Chair on January 6th vote on the National Chair matter, and not a possible ‘lame duck’—even if the ‘lame duck’ were her.  

As for the concern that a candidate for Chair won’t have enough time to campaign: I have heard of no other candidate than our own State Committee member, Bill McCarthy. He had notified some of us by email on November 3rd and was articulate at our last State Committee meeting on November 17th in his criticism of our present Chair and in seeking a vote to remove her at that meeting. (I note that a vote to remove a chair requires a 2/3 vote, whereas to vote a Chair into office requires only a simple majority; and I was mystified that opposition to our present Chair would seek a removal vote at that meeting instead of immediately mounting a campaign tor Chair.)

I was told about an item in a Boston newspaper in early November that Bill would run for Chair, although I have never seen the item myself. I have heard directly from a person who attended a recent GOP meeting in Worcester that Bill declared he is running for Chair. However, I have received nothing from him about his candidacy or goals. Several others with whom I have spoken have likewise heard nothing.

In closing, I assure you that our January 6, 2011 meeting date was set for good reason, and not to frustrate any candidate’s campaign for Chair. Frankly, any candidate for Chair has had plenty of time to campaign before now—it is no secret that the Chair position is up for election every two years.

Best wishes,     

Jeanne Kangas
Vice Chairman, Massachusetts Republican Party
Republican State Committee,
Middlesex and Worcester Senate District
Northborough (Pct. 3)
Southborough-Stow-Sudbury (Pcts. 2, 3, 5)-Westborough

Offices: 978-369-0001 X101

Jeanne S. Kangas, Esq.
9 Damonmill Square – 5th Floor
Concord, MA 01742

978-369-0001 x101
~~~~~[The use of all BOLD is hers] ~~~

What greater gift could Massachusetts Democrats pray for [do Democrats pray?] than to have the inept self-serving disfunctional team that just LOST EVERY STATE OFFICE and EVERY CONGRESSIONAL SEAT bend the rules and play games and get themselves re-elected??!?

This is like a cheap soap opera Folks, you can’t make this stuff up!  And yes, it’s ALL about Mitt 2012! And maybe a little about Momma Bear protecting her cub.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “BEWARE: The Nassour–Kangas Hustle”

  1. Les Carpenter

    How does one go about getting involved as an INDEPENDENT conservative as a member of the state RSC?


  2. Ralph Zazula

    Mr Carpenter, If you are truly an Independent, then why should you be involved with the REPUBLICAN state committee?

    If you want to be involved, then start by registering as a Republican. After a few years of working for the party in your city or town, you may wish to run for the state committee.

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