Best Presidential Speech Of My Lifetime!

Posted February 28th, 2017 by Iron Mike

If there are folks out there who still doubt that Trump is “Presidential Enough”,  – he laid utter waste to that idea tonight,  – as he eclipsed each and every Presidential Address and SOTU Address of my lifetime.

And he did it in a room where surly sore-loser Democrats were wearing White and either sitting on their hands or gesturing with their thumbs….   He owned the room,  except when PO Owens and his grieving wife Carryn owned it…..

The Democrats were totally classless, but unified in their silent protest. I guess as long as they have “a good-paying government job” – they’re not worried about the inner-city families back home.

Here is Trump’s address,…and I have never been prouder to post anything in these past 8 years of RRB! Enjoy!

And weren’t Melania and Ivanka absolutely classy and gorgeous!?!    WHAT a refreshing change….

Morning Afterthought:

11 Responses to “Best Presidential Speech Of My Lifetime!”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    I LOVED watching the Democrats.
    They behaved like spoiled little kids throughout the event.

    I think THE MORE AMERICANS SEE how these Democrat Socialist/Progressive/Brats act, the better off for our Republic.

  2. Varvara

    There were two groups in the hall last night. The dignified group and those who were not. Childish Nancy P, chewing gum and wearing an ill-fitting white jacket, with a blue ribbon, looked bored.

    A+ to the lovely widows, the one with the long marriage and the one who is still hurting.

  3. Ron Motta

    Personally, I LUVVED watching these classless fools sitting on their brains and just stewing, knowing full well that Our President will be there for the next 95 months. But with “leaders” like Pelosi/Perez/Warren/Jackson-Lee/Ellison-Muhammed, they will continue their demise.

  4. Sherox

    Those who refused to attend the inauguration should have been told they were not welcome.


    Officially Trump is a Guest in the House Chamber, – so it’s not for HIM to exclude the assholes….. And that is a yearly game best never begun….

  5. Kojack

    SHEROX – I agree with you 100%! None of those SCUM BAGS will give him any cooperation whatsoever so that would have been a great way to go on the offense, even if only symbolically.

    I, too, thought it was one of the best if not the best presidential speeches I have ever heard.

  6. Catherine

    I see that the dhimmicrats have reverted to a previous sartorial norm. All that was missing was the traditional hoods.

  7. Clinton ma tea party

    The democrats and Rino’s have one again shown the true colors of the Democrats UN-AMERICAN SOCIALISTS ENEMY COMBATANTS.

  8. Hawk1776

    That was a great speech. The content and organization was immaculate. Trump was focused and his delivery was spot on. He addressed a broad, very broad, spectrum of topics. One of Trump’s unique qualities is that he doesn’t know that he can’t do certain things; he just does them anyway. I wonder who wrote the speech?

    I expected the Democrats to show less enthusiasm than the Republicans, but when not single Democrat stood when Trump said “My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America” one wonders if they know why they were elected and what their job is.

  9. SpecialSnowflake

    The bar Trump has set for himself after just a month in office is so comically low that of course a non-catastrophically-bad speech comes across well. But it’s funny what a short memory you have about which party owns classlessness: do you not recall “You lie?” Do you not recall McConnell refusing to even hold hearings for Garland? Real classy.

    And Melania—I have no feelings about her (just as she seems to not have any feelings for her husband…?). Michelle Obama is probably the greatest First Lady we’ve had, certainly in my lifetime. Strong, graceful and gracious—a smart, beautiful black woman to serve as a role model for a generation of Americans.


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  10. Kojack

    FLAKE – after 8 long, dark years of Voter Intimidation, Fast & Furious, “….you can Keep Your Doctor”, Solyndra, Cars for Clunkers, Shovel Ready Jobs(not), Benghazi, NLRB Recess appt, keeping college admin records sealed, depleting the military, “After the election I’ll have more flexibility”, ATTEMPTED TO EMPOWER THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD BECAUSE HE IS A MUSLIM, enabled ISIS, etc. etc. etc. PRESIDENT Trump hasn’t had the time in office to even come close to Obysmal’s unprecedented level of corruption even if he had the inclination to do so.

    MARXIST MOOCHELLE ISN’T WORTH A BLISTER ON MELANIA’S HEEL! She admitted last year that she would not have gotten into Princeton w/o Affirmative Action DENYING A SPOT TO A QUALIFIED STUDENT(LIKE YOUR OTHER “HERO” LIA-A-WATHA WARREN THE FAKE INDIAN)and was getting paid $350K for a NO SHOW job that was SOOO IMPORTANT THAT SHE WASN’T REPLACED!!!

    By contrast, Melania is a successful business woman in her own right($M’s in the private sector), carries herself with DIGNITY, speaks five languages, ALWAYS PROUD OF AMERICA AND TO BE AN AMERICAN NOT JUST WHEN HER HUSBAND RAN FOR POTUS and a helluva lot better to look at to boot!

    Your pathetic double standards, selective memory and hypocrisy make you a poster child of the revisionist history/participation trophy/AA/EOE generation. Now you better go find a safe space and curl up with a coloring book and cup of hot chocolate before someone hits you with a micro-aggression.

  11. Lonnie Brennan

    Kojak: You’re great. And you’re actually being quite kind to Mooch-elle and the dear leader.