Benghazi “Smoking Gun” Email

Posted May 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Why was a Muslim Brotherhood member copied in the plot to deflect public scrutiny from the truth – a failed Obama arms-smuggling scheme?Benghazi Cover-up Email
Ben Rhodes
is Obama’s LIE-Writer for foreign policy. Mehdi Alhassani is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood – and former Obama campaign insider… Can you put 2 and 2 together…?

Benghazi Area Map

The Benghazi Massacre and cover-up includes several treasonous acts:

Ben Rhodes

ONE: Obama was smuggling arms [the cache of Qaddafi’s defeated army] to al Qaeda ‘rebels’ [aka terrorists] in Syria – by way of a small port in Eastern Turkey. In doing so he was trying to do an end-run around Putin who supports Assad.

He also wanted to avoid the prying eyes of Israeli intelligence – who are fully alert to Obama’s hatred of Israel and his support for their potential enemies.

TWO: He seems to have handed the operation off to the CIA and Hillary Clinton. Both failed to provide adequate security on the ground – perhaps not wanting to ‘raise the profile’ – i.e. thinking more about Western Press than Islamic extremists. That was a strategic blunder.

THREE: Fearing discovery of the basic smuggling operation, Obama directed that no help be sent. Perhaps he thought the attackers would remove all the evidence…?

Vile anti-muslim videoFOUR: A cover-lie was needed immediately. The story about “that vile anti-Muslim video starting a riot” was just TOO handy, – as if the cover story had been set in place weeks before – just in case.

FIVE: Susan Rice went on 5 national networks – and Obama went before the American People and the UN with the LIE!
Treason and Lies

And so far – 20 months later – despite CNN tracking down the attackers and interviewing them – we still haven’t acted. The White House, Susan Rice [promoted], Victoria Nuland [promoted] and Hillary Clinton [campaigning for President] have gone skating free.

In every religion and culture – LYING is a crime and a sin, – except in Islam! In Islam, – lying to ‘non-believers’ is acceptable – even commanded to further the cause.

Mehdi Alhassani Bio

So was Mehdi Alhassani part of concocting a believable lie?

Why include a Muslim in the preparation of UN Ambassador Susan Rice to go in the Sunday talk shows?

Mehdi Alhassani

Why has the Obama Cartel surrounded itself with so many Muslims?

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  2. Tom Gilroy

    Who will be the first on the select committee to ask the question about the gun running or has that been deemed as classified when many informed patriots and many cartel members already know? Will Trey Gowdy really go after this treasonous lot? How will this be covered by CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN an the rest of the MSM? Indictments on the Fourth of July would be poetic Justice!

  3. Jim Gettens

    Click on link above for ‘The Counter Jihad Report’ on Mehdi Alhassani.

  4. William Clark

    I am all for the investigation, but let also investigate similar ten (10)embassy hits and near misses from 2002 through and 2008. Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Africa, we lost more US lives than Benghazi. Dates of attacks Jan 22, 2002, June 13, 2002, Oct 13, 2002, Feb 28, 2003, Dec 7 2004, March 2 2006, Sept 12 2007, Jan 12 2007, July 9 2008, Sept 7 2008.


    So you still hate George Bush?

    Did George blame those attacks on “…a vile anti-Muslim video”? Was he smuggling arms to al Qaeda from those locations?

  5. William Clark

    We may never know the Bush involvement or the lack of, hence the need for a full investigation. Benghazi has been “independently” investigated eight times. Nine similar incidents leading up to Benghazi have a never been brought to any disposition. So John B. and the legislative branch will conduct yet another review, the judicial branch will claim insufficient evidence. Prediction: The GOP will go into the next election spending 2MUSD on this “investigation” for lunches and limo’s with no result.

  6. William Clark

    Oh to answer your question, it was likely Dick C. doing all the head work, tracking nuclear materials from NK to Africa to Iraq. Just couldn’t keep it all lies together, read Tony Snow’s book. Snow wrote a “Tell all” before his death of the absolute fabrications he was forced to present.

    Ask yourself has any pResident ever disappeared better than GW, no endorsements, no book deals, no speaking engagements, no party consultation, no late night TV guest appearances.

    Easy to surmise, everybody (like me) still hates George Bush and he knows it.