Ben Shapiro Speaks At Berkeley? Yep!

Posted September 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It was one hell of a night in Berkeley!   The City Council – perhaps embarrassed by how they’d kowtowed in the recent past to the AntiFA crowd,  – gave their police full authority to actually Defend our 1st Amendment and enforce the Law.

If you have never heard Ben speak,  take the time to listen to his talk last night at Berkeley,  – delivered with a ring of cops outside keeping the idiots at bay.  You’ll learn a few things,  and pick up a few good quotes.

Ben’s 3 Rules for not being poor in America:

Finish high school,
– get married before you have a baby,
– and get a job

You might ask yourselves why people like high school teachers,  college professors,  Bernie Sanders,  Al Sharpton,  Barack Obama,  and Hillary Clinton don’t teach those rules….

Eight (8) years of Obama and not a peep!?!?

Unlike when past conservative speakers were scheduled,  the Berkeley Cops were out in force – with permission to USE FORCE if needed.

Even the AA/EEO Mini-Cops dressed for this game…..

Here’s a video of the actions of the idiots outside.  I think it will take years before they realize how badly they’re being manipulated and used.

These are the totally expendable foot troops in Soros’s Socialist Army.

2 Responses to “Ben Shapiro Speaks At Berkeley? Yep!”

  1. Marty Lamb

    A 5’2″ orthodox Jew who is a conservative is a threat to them

  2. Panther 6

    Mr. Shapiro is one sharp cookie and he hit a bulls eye in this one. Mike also nailed it in asking why we aren’t hearing from the black community more on the issue of “getting ahead in America.” BHO had 8 years of bully pulpit and never even tried to motivate, guide or lead our black inner city folks to make things better. That to me is a crime and makes his 8 year Presidency a total failure.