Ben Sasse: How A Republican Should Sound

Posted January 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Midlands College President and former Bush administration officialBen Sasse understands the problems of government – and understands that right now Government is the problem.

He running for the Nebraska US Senate seat currently held by the retiring Mike JohannsLiberals will positively hate this guy, – but I think Nebraska has found a classy winner!

Ben Sasse

If you live in Nebraska, – or used to, – I think you should get involvedPRONTO!

So far, Sasse is the only Republican running, – at least 5, – maybe 6 Democrats are already running.  This is a Republican seat we NEED to KEEP!

3 Responses to “Ben Sasse: How A Republican Should Sound”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Too bad we cannot find a guy like this to run in our state.

  2. Pete

    Where does he stand on amnesty? We cannot afford another Rubio.

  3. lawngren

    I’m vetting Sasse for the Constitutional Freedom party. At you can listen to a 13-minute interview between Levin and Sasse, at the end of which Levin endorsed Sasse. (He’d already checked him out.)

    Sasse has a habit of beginning every response with “yeah”, even if he’s about to say “no”. BUT when Levin asked about securing the border first, Sasse responded, “Absolutely!”