Behind Obama’s Website Screw-up

Posted October 21st, 2013 by Iron Mike

The defining hallmarks of Obama: Arrogance, Over-Reach, Ineptitude, and BLAME! CGI-Built Website
First, ram a Ponzi Scheme down the throats of trusting Democrats.  Next plan a single website to harvest the personal data of 310 Million Americans. Then hire a foreign company to built it.  
What could ~ possibly ~ go wrong?

From the political, economic, and scientific geniuses that gave you Cash-for-Clunkers, Solyendra, running guns to Mexican drug cartels, stopping the Keystone Pipeline, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, and blaming the Benghazi Massacre on a YouTube video…

          …you get the scheming arrogance of building a website designed to harvest the intimate personal information from 310 million Americans – – under the guise of providing them now-mandatory government healthcare.

Imbreau & Godin

AND, – they hire a foreign company to built the website!?!? For $94 Million? That figure is now [conservatively] $292 Millionto a foreign company!

CGI Federal is the US division of Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique – a Canadian company based in Quebec.

What do you want to bet...that CGI was told to use ‘a diverse group of systems designers and software engineers’ – – so that come 2014 they could be trotted out for an EEO/AA PhotoOP?

WITH 2 FULL YEARS TO DESIGN and BUILD…the website is an excruciating disaster!

The only TRUTH – is the warning that your personal information and identity CANNOT be kept private!

Tiller w SebeliusFolks, a key reason that the website is an abortion,  is that SecHealth & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius – the former governor of Kansas is an ABORTION LOVER!

She was hired only because of her views on abortion, and her personal friendship with murdered abortion doctor George Tiller.  Any wonder that on her watch CGI produced an abortion?  Sebelius knows nothing about web-site development.  But she did spend your money!

I can hardly blame CGI, Serge Godin, and Andre Imbeau for producing crap. After all, they didn’t vote for Obama.  They didn’t vote for such a stupid idea as ObamaCare!  THEY already knew that Canadians come to America for surgery on anything life-threatening…. I can hardly blame them for taking the money all the way to the Bank of Quebec!

two evil womenSo here we are – stuck for three more years with Obama, his ugly wife, his socialist cartel,  ObamaCare,  – and an expensive website that doesn’t work.

And for the moment, – we still have Sebelius.

How do you think this will end?

Watch Obama blame – – George Bush, the TEA Party, the GOP, Ted Cruz, Sequestration, the Shutdown, Climate Change and Fossil Fuels, American racism….Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and even RRB!

 11:45 AM   Rose Garden sales pitchRose Garden sales pitch
…she buckles…
Fainting Obama Shill

7 Responses to “Behind Obama’s Website Screw-up”

  1. Tom

    We can be sure that the “victim” will take no responsibility for this massive, expensive CF. I am betting that some lower level dweeb will take the hit. They will mass an army of very expensive Silicon Valley software nerds to fix the many “glitches”. We will probably never know the tally of this latest boondoggle, but you can be sure it will be astronomical. You wonder why Obamacare is so expensive and unwieldy? The Goverment is here to help!

  2. Sue

    You make some good points but have you considered that this screw up is not really a screw up to the cartel? That maybe it was planned to fail this way? Then, shortly, they will come out and say that they thought this would work but, golly gee, this is just too cumbersome, complicated, or whatever and we are just going to have to simplify by going to a one payer, government controlled system. The insurance companies are already complaining about the data they are receiving and hardly anyone has actually signed on yet.

  3. Prim

    The fact that the pResident, Congress and friends are exempt from this boondoggle is a large RED FLAG.

    If Obamacare actually lowed the cost for 99% of the people, they would be posting their premium coverage and costs prior to folks having to submit their information. Instead they are getting them hooked into rates which include the subsidy in the insurance costs, therefore masking the true cost.

    Also, the fact that this insurance will be accepted by fewer and fewer doctors and hospitals. Can we see the opps we can’t afford to pay your subsidy coming? ‘Sorry you will have to pay the full shot because of ahhhh Bush’s policies’.

  4. Hawk1776

    The Obamacare system is a mess. It’s far beyond a glitch, it has fundamental problems that won’t be fixed any time soon. A redesign and rewrite is required.

    The problem is not just with the website, it’s with interfacing to a host of other systems. Although two years seems like a long time, when developing a system of this complexity it’s not long at all. I’ve worked on systems such as this, albeit a few years ago, and they are very, very difficult to deliver. Among other issues, it appears the difficulty of delivering this system was completely underestimated. Since it’s a web-based system, good luck maintaining privacy.

    Even worse, if the system ever does work then it will be the gateway into Obamacare which is a disaster in the making.

    It will be interesting to see how the MSM blames Republicans for this mess.

  5. Wally

    I actually worked for CGI for five years ending in 2001. They bought a company I worked at in Andover, and they still have an office there. CGI never got the knack of growing organically in the US. They kept buying companies but never seemed to build them up. At the time I worked there the management was very parochial. They had, and still have, a big turn-over of employees (or “Members” as they say at CGI). They paid OK, benefits were OK, but they were always a second tier player. Top people wanted to play in the big leagues- IBM or Accentue.

  6. Casey Chapman

    First of all, I agree with the posting above. I only want to point out that the girl who supposedly fainted during the big ZERO’s speech, was undoubtedly paid to do so. Why else would he know she was about to? And a bright red dress? Coincidence? I think not!

  7. Jim Gettens

    The U.S. Federal Government is THE WORLD’S BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME, and a failing one at that. It has a current $17 Trillion debt, $60-$80 Trillion in foreseeable unfunded ‘Entitlement’ program obligations, and a so-called ‘off-budget’ Fed debt of at least $17 Trillion as indicated by a recent partial Fed audit. The Fed has been printing money non-stop since the 2007 financial crash, thereby de-valuing the dollar and stimulating inflation, which everyone is seeing in rising food costs–which, surprise, surprise!–aren’t counted for inflation purposes, and rising costs of every-day use items. NOBamacare, or the ‘Unaffordable Care-Less Act,’ constitutes the latest massive add-on to the pre-existing Federal Government Ponzi Scheme.

    As we used to say in the Army, “the Federal Government would screw up a free lunch.”

    It’s gratifying to watch the ‘Unaffordable Care-Less Act’ implode on a massive scale.