Beauty And The Beast: Army Dumb!

Posted November 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Army Strong, – Army Ugly, – or Army Dumb?
Tejeda and Arnhart

Colonel Lynette Arnhart has certainly made a name for herself!  I wonder what her next career move will be?

Seems this pencil-pushing AG was looking through current military literature – and thought the photo of Corporal Tejeda [a real soldier] looked ‘too pretty’ to be used for recruiting purposes.  She wanted the Army to use more plain looking or average looking women.  She sent emails.  They got leaked. 

That ignited a firestorm, and Colonel Arnhart has been removed from her job.  When you piss off members of Congress, – it’s real tough to see yourself getting through the General Officer Selection Board. 

Meat InspectorMaybe Arnhart has a future with Obama’s EPA?  Or the FDA – as a meat inspector?

Meanwhile I’m thinking back over some 52 years – and some of the solderettes I’ve known, observed, and served with. 

Sure I judged them on their looks – at first glance.  But once past that – I was far more concerned with their character, knowledge, skill, and endurance.

Being good shots counts a lot too; – I hate to see bullets wasted!
At the range


Folks, this stupid event reveals a much more serious issue.  For the past 30+ years we’ve allowed the politicians to use our military – our young people – for their grand social experiments.

Women in the military – gays in the military – women in combat – women on submarines – women in Ranger and SEAL school – this is all getting way out of hand

Now some dumb-assed broad – promoted way past the level of her native common sense – is worried about how pretty or how plain soldiers look in recruiting pictures?

This kind of ‘political correctness is running wild throughout our military.  It is dulling our sword of readiness, – and causing our best warriors to say ‘Screw it – I’m getting out!’

EVERY TIME in history that we have weakened our military – we’ve paid that price in blood during the opening months of the next war.
IDF Troops
We are not tiny Israel.  We have LOTS of manpower.  We don’t need to be filling our ranks with young women – no matter how much they ‘want’ to be there, – at the price of weakening and wussyfying our armed forces.  We will regret this!

Col Chris KubikAlso forced out of his job – the guy who got Arnhart’s emails – Col Chris Kubik.


4 Responses to “Beauty And The Beast: Army Dumb!”

  1. Tom

    I am sure you will be called a homophobic, anti-feminist old curmudgeon, but we already knew that and I agree with you 100%. The PC mentality has infiltrated the schools K-12, colleges and universities, the private and public sectors and the military at least at the officer and general officer levels. There is no doubt that women have a place in the military, but not in the infantry, armored or combat aircraft and surely not in any combat special operations positions. There are plenty of able bodied men to fill those positions. There are many combat support, logistics positions and intelligence positions available for women in the military.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Nowadays, the the ethnicity that has the hardest time getting into college is white, anglo-saxon. The idiot officer who wrote the emails was probably jealous of the girls in the posters. She is average looking at best. I don’t really give a flying leap how good or bad some woman looks on a recruiting poster. I am sick and tired of everything going through the old Political Correctness meat grinder. We need people in the armed forces who know how to do the job, and are self motivated, so they don’t need a staff sergeant breathing down their respective necks.

  3. Walter Knight

    You old curmudgeon.

    In the end, we will all die together. Let the soccer moms become warriors. The country will be better off if we as one shed our blood for freedom.

  4. Old Panther 6

    The e-mail I saw stated that the female LTC who created the fire storm elected to change jobs/leave her job. Right, Uh Huh she got sacked, fired, removed. This Army is not the Army this old curmudgeon served in either. I fear strongly if things continue, and I think they will get worse, then the next time we are called upon to fight a half way sophisticated enemy we will get a bloody nose and a lot of folks killed. It won’t be easy to straighten out but we will have to do it.