Bad Muslim, Bad Girlfriend, Bad Dog

Posted August 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Thank God a HERO came along!   You’ve likely never heard of Grand Island, NY  – a small town in far western New York.  Things got heated last week when a young Muslim hothead thought he’d take on the law.
Sammy Abdellatif Pitbull Brittany Ashley-Graser

It could have been very ugly.  But for the moment he’s locked up.

Grand Island

Seems young hotblood Sammy Abdellatif– a passenger in a vehicle driving by Brittany Ashley-Graser – took exception to Deputy Clark – who was investigating a suspicious vehicle near the River Oaks Golf Club. 

There were shouts and threats.

Abdellatif was known to Deputies.  Back in July he was also a passenger – driven by  Ashley-Graser when they were stopped.  She was uncooperative , and the car was towed.

Then, – perhaps to prove himself a ‘big man’ – Abdellatif dialed 911 – and threatened to “…straight up kill Deputy Clark next time he saw him…”.   Stuff like that gets police attention….

Abdellatif was arrested, booked and was out on BAIL Wednesday night when things got ugly.

When Deputy Clark finished with the suspicious vehicle investigation he attempted to stop the vehicle containing Abdellatif – again being driven by Ms. Ashley-Graser.

Clark informed Abdellatif that he was under arrest for these most recent threats,  – and Abdellatif promptly rolled up the car window – trapping the deputy’s arm,  – and forcing the deputy to break the glass to free his arm.

Then,  seemingly caught up in some fantasy,  Abdellatif jumps out, engages the Deputy, gets him in a choke-hold,  and begins to overpower him. Girlfriend Ashley-Graser climbed out to assist,  jumping on Clark’s back.

And at that moment God intervened,  and a passing civilian,  – retired dock worker Peter O’Brien,  – stopped to help Deputy Clark.  That’s when the pitbull emerged and attacked O’Brien.

Sheriff's Deputies Jason Clark and Nick Coniglio

Finally a second Deputy, Nick Coniglio, arrived on scene and cuffs were properly emplaced.

Abdellatif held without bail

Big shot Sammy Abdellatif is now being held without bail,  – given the repeated nature of his violence and the near-lethal attack on Deputy Clark.


There are no ‘safe’ areas or ‘quiet towns’.  NONE!

Something as routine on checking an abandoned vehicle on a lonely stretch of road can quickly escalate into a life-or-death struggle.

Young women can be as dangerous – and as stupid – as the bad boyfriends they sleep with.

Keep your eyes on Abdellatif! He will be on the street again, – and even during court appearances he is dangerous….

Somebody out there please get Peter O’Brien a NY State concealed carry permit!  He’s earned it!

4 Responses to “Bad Muslim, Bad Girlfriend, Bad Dog”

  1. Sherox

    There is the biggest problem, the courts, either the judge or the jury or both, let obviously guilty people off the hook or off with a handslap.

  2. Mt Woman

    What a nightmare. I hope the men are OK, including good Samaritan, O’Brian

  3. Panther 6

    This guy will end up in the slammer, the girlfriend too perhaps. The only issue is who will be hurt along the way to full incarceration. These folks should not be allowed on the street I agree there is no safe space for our police.

  4. Jim Gettens

    Cheap remedy for the punk and the dog–a .45 ACP round right behind an ear, each.

    Don’t want that much splatter??? Then .22 or .25–favorite Mafia hit-job calibers–work just fine.

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