As Usual, Hillary Needed To Cheat!

Posted September 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

At least six (6) times she used hand signals to ‘moderator’ Lester Holt so she could fling a pre-planned hand grenade….
It took a professional poker player to catch her cheating. Video below the fold.

Frankly People,  this woman is both physically sick,   – and morally corrupt, – to a degree seldom seen in American politics.

Think about it,  – she’s had eight long years since losing to Obama in 2008,  – to get ready for this election and these debates….

.and she can’t stand there toe-to-toe without cheating,…and without having the ‘moderator’ in the bag…?

Pretty clear she can’t think on her feet!

How does she really think she can run the country?   Who would write her daily cheat-sheet?

Anybody who votes for this lifetime liar is as morally corrupt and treasonous as she is!

Lester Holt, – you are a walking turd!

4 Responses to “As Usual, Hillary Needed To Cheat!”

  1. Mt Woman

    Could be signaling, her facial rubs were pretty obvious the other night. Regardless, her smugness was particularly annoying and a “HUGE” turn-off as a representative of the people. As a little person, it is apparent that any of my beliefs are insignificant and petty to queen Clinton.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Last night, I had the displeasure of being in an Internet provider’s office with its TV glued to NBC News and there was ole Lester, perpetuating the fraud of the previous evening’s “debacle”. The young millennial (early 20’s, bouncing from community college to community college….) who was ordering my service was absolutely gushing over Holt’s reporting. Well, at least she had a job, minimum wage though it be….. But I’m not all that sure the millennials will come out in throngs to vote. I asked if she was registered and was told “no”…..

  3. Kojack

    “How does she really think she can run the country? Who would write her daily cheat-sheet?”

    Colin Powell, (who I no longer have ANY respect for) part of her inner circle said in a hacked email that “its something she WANTS” before she goes away. She doesn’t give a damn whether she can do it well or not she wants it to add to her trophy case plus she gets the added boost of being the 1st female POTUS.

    GreenBeretLTC -“But I’m not all that sure the millennials will come out in throngs to vote. I asked if she was registered and was told “no”…..

    This just validates the comment I made about the Kardashian story. Oh they can mouth-off and give their moronic, uninformed opinions in polls and surveys, but when it comes down to putting in the effort to register to vote and educating themselves about the issues, the candidates and history (so that they can see what works and what doesn’t) THEY ARE AWOL!!!
    Sad to say I reached this conclusion after years of observing the younger members of my own family.

  4. William Clark

    Hand Signals? – Hillary to Lester “Ask about Cyber Security”

    Donald: We need to address “Cyber”, we do a poor job on “Cyber”, my 10 year old has a computer and he is amazing, we at going to use “Cyber” it is very important. blerk, “Cyber”, glip, Great Again, I don’t know, maybe Russia or CHINA we are glip Lester, “Cyber” better blerk.

    The hand signals worked on such a hardball question.


    Aww, poor Willie WetPants, your aging lesbian queen couldn’t make it through a simple 90 minute debate without the moderator in the bag? How will she lead the nation, – have Huma Abedin write her cheat sheets?

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