Are We Seeing A New Normal Develop?

Posted March 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Sometimes the biggest stories are buried in the small headlines.

With an American Patriot as President,  – gathering around him a qualified team of accomplished realists,…a change is already being noticed in some areas.

Certainly the men and women Trump has hired do think of AMERICA FIRST!   No more “We are the World and the UN should make the rules…”.

Do you feel a sense of relief that John Ketchup Kerry no longer is the official face of the United States…?

Do you understand the breath-taking difference between a Nikki Haley as our UN Ambassador vs either Susan Rice or Samantha Power?

For eight long horrible years I awoke each morning with a sense of dread,  – went to the computer to see what manner of insult and treason the Obama Cartel had inflicted upon us.

My health suffered and RRB was born…..

Now I sleep peacefully,….knowing that our president is firmly on our side,….and he doesn’t have a Muslim agenda,…a Third World agenda,….a pro-immigrant agenda,…a Black Lives Matter agenda,….a global warming agenda,….or a plan to redistribute our wealth…..

It would seem the markets are reflecting my optimism.

I expect setbacks.  Terrorists and Mother Nature will strike,….volcanoes will erupt,  and endangered fish will die off…..

But give us a couple of stalwart conservatives on the Court,  let us get rid of ObamaCare and the Global Warming nonsense,….and America might just come rebounding back – stronger than ever.

Not a bad first 120 days…..

3 Responses to “Are We Seeing A New Normal Develop?”

  1. MC

    Now if only Congress would see the light !

  2. Leonard Mead

    Tea Party Blogs such as Iron Mike’s and Chip Ford at CLT in MA, plus FOX News have finally broken through to expose how horribly democrat government under Obama has destroyed our country.
    The recovery road will be bumpy, that’s for sure. The 3-stage “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” is soooooo complex — “Trust us? Tax Cuts and competition across state lines come in the 3d bill?” Sounds very suspicious.
    But let’s see.
    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative, Florida

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    In his short time in office, President Trump has done more to help America than Obama did in eight years. This election wasn’t a battle for the White House, it became a real battle for America’s future direction, and for the West.
    In Obama’s eight years we were subjected to a lawless, arrogant president bent on destroying America and all that we hold dear.
    It is such a tremendous relief to know that we have a President who will always put America First, will stand with our allies, and protect Americans from our enemies.