April First: Joe Biden’s Very Special Day!

Posted April 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

I will never again think of April 1st as anything other than our National Village Idiot’s Personal Holiday…..

The former Delaware Senator – (turned Obama’s Life Insurance Policy),  had that rare ability to make us all cringe,  laugh,  and shudder in genuine fear,…all within the span of a few seconds…

In 15 – or maybe 20 years, – you’ll be able to judge a person’s age and political awareness and maturity by whether they seem to understand the Joe Biden references in your speech.

You’ll know instantly if they were paying attention during those long terrible 8 years,….and if they were a gushing Obamaphile,….or whether they were suffering along with you.

I remember Obama telling the 2008 DNC he was picking Biden “for his wisdom and expertise in foreign affairs…”.

At that moment I knew it was a lie,…Biden’s head was – and is – an echo chamber,….he was the idiot who’d wanted to give the Iranians $1,000,000.oo ‘as a show of appreciation’ after 9/11.  Today he still can’t tell you the difference between Sunni and Shia….

If John F. Kennedy had been able to find a Joe Biden of his own back in 1960,….he might very well still be alive today…..

Joe’s hands seemed to get around…a lot….

As a blogger I was grateful for the constant stream of outrageous acts,  public buffoonery,  and grotesque immaturity our VP displayed,  – even as I cringed knowing that one sniper’s bullet could elevate him to being POTUS-45.  We all dodged that bullet!

Can you imagine Biden with the Nuclear Launch Codes?

Watching the Inauguration this past January 20th – and seeing Joe Biden replaced by a level-headed and knowledgeable American Patriot, – was almost as satisfying as seeing Trump sworn in.

We would be safe again – for the first time since January 20th 2009!

Well almost…. There is a new crop of clowns being groomed across town in the US Senate.


Squaw thought she would be Hillary’s VP….

One Response to “April First: Joe Biden’s Very Special Day!”

  1. Kojack

    Thanks, Mike…I’ve never seen Biden’s pic next to one of his long lost more intelligent twin before.