Anybody Home At The MassGOP?

Posted June 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

See the D Charlie Brown
After all, in Massachusetts, – it’s not illegal [or uncommon] for “Republicans” to be snake-bit, silent, and inert!

Who’s minding the store?  Oh,…Kaufman’s Mouseketeer?

3 Responses to “Anybody Home At The MassGOP?”

  1. Len Mead

    Motivated to call the MA GOP by this blog — I asked, “What the heck — are you guys planning any RESPONSE to — illegals, taxes — state debt — etc?” The person answering said — after a pause — ,”Let me refer you to my supervisor.” Click — beep beep – – – – -beep -beep —- click — beep for 30 seconds —- so I hung up.
    Len Mead

  2. Casey Chapman

    The state party is afraid of its own shadow. So sad.

  3. Jeff Wallens

    These are the same people who can’t hold a successful election in their last 3 tries- convention, party chair and National Convention.

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