Another Obama Teen Dead In The Street

Posted February 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

A short life utterly wasted in testament to Obama!
Curtis Deal was already arrested 3 times in 2017,  – gun and drug charges.  He was a ‘person of interest’ in a homicide last year.

In the officer’s body-cam video the running suspect can be seen raising his stolen 9mm pistol at the officer, – his last voluntary act before the Law of Gravity took over.

The video goes fast at first,  – so the second part is a slow-motion version where you can see what the cop was facing in trying to stop this well-known 18-yr old felon.

Score one for the Cop – who lived to tell the tale.

Score another one for his body cam – which backs up his story entirely.  Perhaps Boston cops should reconsider their resistance;  – these cameras can keep you out of court!

As Obama kite-surfs with Billionaire Richard Branson,….ask yourself:

what good did America’s first (half)black pResident do for young Curtis Deal , – or for any other Black Americans in these past 8 years…?

Across America today the Left and the idiots are enraged that Trump won,  – and they can’t understand how or why that happened….

How many more Curtis Deals have to die in the streets (Chicago had 713 last year) before the Left stops seeing young Blacks as expendable EBT cardholders good only as a voting block every two years?

How many more will die before the Left begins to realize that the entire Obama phenomenon was a giant con job…?

Did Baltimore’s elected Black Leaders do Curtis any favors by blaming everything on White People as he grew into manhood?  

What lessons did Curtis learn from the 2015 riots?

4 Responses to “Another Obama Teen Dead In The Street”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Another scumbag no longer able to pollute the human gene pool….

  2. Mt Woman

    The left’s plan to discriminate through the law of low expectation has won! When Obama was elected as the first black president he assumed a moral burden–that of being a role model to black youth. Sorry that this was not a role that he wanted to assume, but it is what it is–and he utterly bombed. At no time did he make one of his goals to work with inner city youths and serve as a moral or ethical leader to help guide lives. To our former president, black lives really never mattered–only their votes. Now he can wind-surf into oblivion–history hopefully will take note of this self-serving loser and will report on it without the racial sub-text that he deserved accolades for showing up.

  3. Raymond Smithson

    Now job, no money , what to do ,, You got it I want it, so sad, but the officer can go home to his family, instead of the morgue

  4. Hawk1776

    It’s hard to know who is the bigger waste, Deal or Obama. I’m just glad the officer was a good shot.