Andrew Spieles: Democrat Vote Thief

Posted October 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

We’re to believe that young Andrew is just 19…. Somehow he didn’t learn his 10 Commandments at home – nor did he learn anything about honor.
This smart-aleck prick was registering dead people – dead veterans – to vote in Harrisonburg Virginia.

He got caught when he tried to register a WWII veteran and former local school principal – a man well-known to the registrar.

Richard “Rip” Claybrook, Sr. – served with the Army Air Corps in the South Pacific.

He deserved to REST in PEACE, – not be used to sneak Hillary Clinton into the White House.


Democrats are loudly proclaiming “There was NO VOTER FRAUD – because Spieles got CAUGHT!”

Sounds like what they say about illegal immigrants….

Now, as the FBI pretends to investigate,…the question is:

Will JMU President Jonathan Alger have the balls to do the right thing  – and EXPEL this thief?


I wonder if either Spieles or Alger fully understand the price that has been paid – – some of it on the very ground where they stand, – to give us a FREE nation where ALL PEOPLE have EQUAL RIGHTS?

What twisted Democrat upbringing produced this young vote thief?


Grotesque and sickening…


UPDATE:   June 2017  The little fucker got himself investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the Justice Department – the new Republican Justice Department.

He signed a plea deal for a 100 – 120 day prison sentence – and of course his lifetime federal conviction….

4 Responses to “Andrew Spieles: Democrat Vote Thief”

  1. Kojack

    It just validates that to be a member of the party of personal benefits, there has to a total lack of morals, ethics and values.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    …just another youngster working hard to get someone else to pay for his college education…..

  3. Lonnie Brennan

    I have a former friend here in town.
    He’s a Democrat. A union boy to boot.
    Oh, and did I mention, a 4th Degree member of a Catholic organization (the Knights of Columbus).

    He’s pro-abortion.
    He’s pro-gay marriage.
    He’s pro-Hillary and all Democrats.

    His attitude about vote stealing:
    Nah, it never happens. But if it did, well, that’s because they can. And hey, whatever it takes to defeat Republicans.

    Oh, did I mention he’s an elected local official serving on a board in town?



    The Democrat cancer of lying, cheating, and stealing has metastasized so far that this patient may die….

  4. Diana Linskey

    What an embarrassment to his parents, his community and the Church. He should be ashamed of himself. Such a disgrace. What is our schools teaching and country coming to. No conscience, no morals and no consequences, so sad.

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