And Now: A Dutch-Turkish War…?

Posted March 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It was at a minimum a ballsy, arrogant move, – sending a government minister into another nation to stir up some extra votes.  It reeked of disrespect for national sovereignty!

So the Dutch sent the Turkish Minister of Families and Social Policy back where she came from.  Now embarrassed,  Turkey’s arrogant President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is ready to declare war…  How badly does he need those overseas votes?

Slightly over 17 million people live in the Netherlands….and ~ maybe ~ 2.3% of them are ‘refugees’ from Turkey,….still eligible to vote back home.

That would be roughly 391,000 extra votes…..maybe…

But if you live in the Netherlands,….and you’ve been paying extra taxes for 20 – 30 years to support the growing Muslim population – who refuse to assimilate,…

.would you feel just a tad violated when Turkish Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya shows up to campaign for an election back in Turkey…?

How would we feel if she showed up in Massachusetts or Michigan to campaign?

At some point people ask:  “Who the hell are these ‘refugees’ being loyal to,..the government they left behind,…or to the government that is feeding them…?”

It is exactly why Americans get pissed when illegal Mexicans start protesting and waiving Mexican flags in our face…..

Old Europe after WWII has been more than generous to the ‘refugees’ from their former colonies across Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia…..

They’ve taken in hundreds of thousands – mainly Muslims,  – and given them every opportunity to assimilate into society.  Few did,…and their children remain isolated, hostile, and now many have found a calling in ISIS….

A tipping point is fast approaching in Europe,…although the various left-leaning governments refuse to admit that a problem even exists.

But you are likely to see the rise of an “Extreme Right Wing” across Europe – country-by-country,….and watch white Europeans rise up to expel these ungrateful and unassimilated Muslims.  It will be ugly and bloody,….but it will be the only way for Europe to survive.

And don’t be smug.  This same battle is already here.  Your liberal neighbors are welcoming the very people who will someday crush their freedoms,…and eventually behead them….because for the moment they want to be “welcoming, accepting,  and inclusive”,…

and because they never studied History!

Is this how you think of “Europe”?   GET A GRIP!

5 Responses to “And Now: A Dutch-Turkish War…?”

  1. Varvara

    No women, children or grandparents in the last two photos. Is this the new army? Are these the new uniforms?

    Freedom of speech does not exist in Europe. Most of the citizens get the news from official newspapers and news broadcasts. The news outlets are told what to write. If the reporters make an error and tell the truth they are fined for ‘hate speech’.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Can somebody please tell me why Turkey, a police state under pint-sized psychopathic dictator, persecutor of civil liberties, and outright Muslim Brotherhood THUG Erdogan–now sidling up to his fellow pint-sized psychopathic murdering THUG Putin–THUG Erdogan having just announced that he prefers keeping Assad in power to having Kurds, with whom we operate, control any Syrian territory, still in NATO?

    By the way, one of my brothers knows a hard-working Turkish refugee here who was contacted by THUG Erdogan THUGS and told to keep sending money to the absolutely corrupt Turkish Government or have her remaining family members in Turkey rounded up and imprisoned–or worse. And we keep dealing with these Muslim Brotherhood Turkish MOFOs…

  3. Jim Gettens

    Oh, Yeah, remember THUG Erdogan THUGS in Washington, D.C., 2016–

    Of course, there was not a peep out of the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pansy.

  4. Kojack

    Excellent, Mike and to the point! Europe is beginning to wake up from its Keynesian, PC, multi-cultural coma, but will it be in time, will they be determined enough to do what is necessary and will enough of them wake up to do it?!?!? The same questions apply to us.

    An ex-muslim woman who converted to Christianity made the analogy that muslims come to western nations in the same way that termites come into a house. If it is dealt with early enough it can be stopped and the damage repaired, but if it is ignored the end result is the total destruction of the house.

  5. Nieuwsserver

    I am a Dutchman, I love the USA by the way.
    Most people here are shocked out what happened. I am not, I knew something like this would come down sooner or later.

    During the last 50 years we had open borders for the turks.
    Now we are starting to pay the price. The sh*t I have seen turkish moslims do in the Netherlands is insane. Our prisons are stuffed with turks. They murder and rape like it’s their favorite activity.