An Unqualified Obama Success Story!

Posted October 26th, 2013 by Iron Mike

There aren’t many, – but Obama has turned us into the EBT Nation!
EBT Nation
The Census Bureau reports that by Q4 2011,  more Americans [108,592,000] were drawing government assistance than the number who work [101,716,000] full time.
Mind you:
a full 10% of those who workwork for Government – at some level, – and are thus taxpayer funded.  So a mere 91,544,400 Americans working in the dreaded Private Sector support the entire nation.  Any wonder this wasn’t released anytime before October 2012?

4 Responses to “An Unqualified Obama Success Story!”

  1. Tom

    The question before the United States is how high can that number of government go? We know that Obamacare is a huge job killer, but not how many millions will be lost. The insurance companies are in free fall, shedding customers by the hundreds of thousands and the subsequent loss of their own employees. Will these negative numbers have an adverse effect on our GNP and also our questionable bond rating as the debt now soars above the $17T level headed for infinity.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The government insurance is more expensive. And deductibles are skyrocketing as well. We are pensioners, and I am afraid.

  3. Mark

    I strongly believe things are going as planned. A big part of that plan is to keep people debating about issues.

  4. Tom and Jimmy

    Scale from 1 to 10, rate how bad it sucks that Obama won re-election? I do like the blog title tho… explains how people could be republican.


    So which one of you left the comment, – Tom or Jimmy?

    How is unemployment going in Excelsior Springs?