America’s Fate: Death By Ignorance!

Posted December 23rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Our colleges are deliberately dumbing themselves down to the lowest common denominator.

Imagine a Degree in History – without US History?  Oh yeah!

Once-prestigious George Washington University – a Mecca for wannabe libturd future State Department employees,  – has decided that US History will NO LONGER BE REQUIRED for a degree in History.

Only in a science fiction movie could someone make this shit up!

But then,  if come 2020 fresh grad know-it-alls from GWU don’t know crap about our nation’s birth and struggles as it came of age,…then they won’t give a crap about giving it all away.

The “brains” behind this travesty is their new department head (Nov 2015) Prof Katrin Schultheiss – who’s academic background is in gender and women’s history…whatever that is…

She’s being well-paid to dumb down future American decision-makers.  And her web page had the now-obligatory paragraph about diversity and inclusion.

Professor Schultheiss – and those at GWU who enable her, – are JUST as GUILTY of TREASON as somebody giving away naval codes.

The damage just takes longer to surface.

And,…you thought Common Core was the only poison lurking in our schools?

8 Responses to “America’s Fate: Death By Ignorance!”

  1. integrity 1st

    devastating 🙁

  2. Vic

    Nothing new here – college has been full of commie pinko infiltrators for a long time.
    After the Army, I went to college and took a history course where the prof. on the first day actually told the class, “the American Revolution was not a revolution at all. It was a transfer of power from one elite to another. The first real revolution was the French Revolution….” and so my class called “Revolutions in History” managed to avoid any reference at all to the English Revolution or American Revolution. And this was in 1987.

  3. Hawk1776

    I think Americans, particularly those who voted for Trump, are fed up with this crap. I expect serious push back over the next four years.

  4. Smitty

    Now everyone can see why the marxist target the educated when they destroy a society. However, they will not have to target our educated because they will already be steeped in communist propaganda.

  5. Catherine

    “Diversity” and “inclusion” most specifically do NOT include the diversity of our OWN history — even as the basis for “proving” how mean and nasty it was(n’t).

    This proves, yet again, that those yapping loudest about “diversity” and “inclusion” actually mean to impose the nastiest of INtolerance and narrow-mindedness possible. No other opinion but theirs to be allowed.

    Anyone going to GWU should withdraw NOW. The way to stop this bullcrap is for the colleges to go under with tons of red ink. Unfortunately, with the deliberate dumbing-down of our schools, most employers (and with far too much reason!) believe you need a degree to learn to make fries or pour coffee.

  6. Marc

    One way I get around this is that I never hire anybody who went to an ivy league college and if possible I hire veterans. The way I see it, the ivy league colleges are the epicenter of this PC foolishness and I figure that veterans have been immunized through experience. My policy has never failed me. I’ve turned down many duds but have never hired one.

  7. adam christian

    all you fucktard republicans would not be very far without ivy league educated politicians who had sense and compassion to make sure that even pieces of shit like all of you would access to free public education. and one more thing, none of you idiots could even get into ivy league and you know it, so just shut up

    Are you boycotting capital letters Adam, – or do you struggle with a learning disability?

  8. integrity 1st

    Poor Adam. Trump’s victory is obviously devastating him, and causing some sort of spastic, irrational rant. Get well Adam. Our country will be great again soon, in spite of morons like you.

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