America Lost A Great Friend Today – אריאל שרון

Posted January 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

RIP General Ariel Sharon,  we will miss you!  Ariel Sharon has died at 85 – after seven years in a coma.
Ariel and George
For all of his adult life this Son of Israel led by example – showing how to deal with the maniacal evil which surrounds his tiny nation,  and how to deal with the cowards in his government – and in ours.  He was a true warrior statesman!

Ariel Sharon young Army officer

If only America’s current ‘leaders’ had such vision and courage!

Two Heros  Ariel with Moshe

As an old soldier myself, – I will tell you that after America’s leadership failures in Vietnam, and as we looked at the ongoing possibility of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe – or the Middle East, – it was the leadership and the tactics of Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon that we studied.

Why?  Because they showed how good intelligence, careful planning, courage, and swift execution could defeat a much larger force.  How do you think we defeated Saddam Hussein – twice!  Goodbye Sir, and Tango Yankee!

6 Responses to “America Lost A Great Friend Today – אריאל שרון”

  1. Walter Knight

    Ariel Sharon was a military genius and great leader. Already the Left and supporters of terrorists are calling him blood-thirsty. That happens when you dare to win a war.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Where have all the leaders gone? If you check the current inventory, around the world it is a very sorry group. If fact, with the exception of Israel, there is not a leader who comes to mind.

    We are at a very dangerous time in the history of our world and there is no one with the leadership credentials of the late Prime Minister.

    The Muslims, the Chinese and the Russians are all serious threats, but the leaders have left the stage and we are very vulnerable.

  3. Varvara

    It seems to me, also, that we are in a dangerous time. There is more local violence, lack of respect and dumb rules and laws being passed. No one seems to care about our guaranteed rights and freedoms.

    Since our leaders, one in particular, have relinquish our standing in the world, there are a few leaders trying to fill the void of America’s absence. These are corrupt individuals.

    As Mike says, Gen. Sharon was a great man, careful planner and showed great courage, not at all like our leaders who whine and moan about everything and everyone.

  4. Casey Chapman

    America needs a REAL president. And preferably, one with some military experience. The so called current one doesn’t understand or respect the military. Doesn’t like the country, either. But you know all that.

  5. Kojack

    We do have a leader in the WH who is intentionally leading us into mediocrity and obscurity.

    In addition to the growing dangers overseas, we are subversively being disarmed here at home i.e. cutting the funding for the maintenance of our nuclear weapons, the refueling of our nuclear powered ships, etc.

  6. Youhavegottobekiddingme

    Ariel Sharon was a terrorist on a scale that made Osama bin Laden look like a piker. The fact that he took this long to finally die is only because they hadn’t found hot enough spots in hell for this man to inhabit for eternity.