America Has Been Blessed….

Posted February 17th, 2014 by Iron Mike

From their first days,  – through their best days, – and through their very worst days, – we have been blessed with presidents who loved our country, – who loved our Constitution, – who believed in us, – and who cherished our way of life.Eight Great American Presidents
They didn’t promise free stuff, or hope and change.  They had faith in God, and were wise enough to understand that ‘change’ happens all by itself.  Despite failings and foibles, – they were always about Duty, and Honor, and our Country.   They fully understood and fully embraced American exceptionalism.  They were Americans who understood Americans.

One Response to “America Has Been Blessed….”

  1. Tom

    Then we have those who have not, but have flaunted their power, the Constitution be damned and they were: Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton and by far the most flagrant of all, Barack Hussien Obama.