All The Marbles?

Posted October 11th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Obama ~ may ~ be about to win all the marbles turning him into our virtual dictator.
All The Marbles
“Republicans” in both the House and Senate – act as if nothing matters more than their own personal re-election.  Knowing that – Obama is playing ultimate hardball;  – with the press eagerly carrying his propaganda.  His bargaining advantage is that he wants to weaken our country.    We may be watching the end days of our Republic.

5 Responses to “All The Marbles?”

  1. MC

    I actually thought that the Republicans just might hold the line as they had Barry on the run, but NO ..

    Only thing we can hope for now is that the dictator thinks he has won and doesn’t take the deal. Then ~ just maybe ~ someone will get a backbone. Backbones are probably as mythical as unicorns and Santa Claus where these folks are concerned.

    Anyone else sick of hearing about polls? I have never been polled and none of my friends have been polled. They probably call the same folks that give them the answers they want to hear over and over again. Then the MSM falls all over themselves like lemmings and can’t wait to run with it and the low information voter and Congress believe ever word that is reported.

  2. Tom

    Both Boehner and Cantor are ready to roll, because they are terrified of the polls and the negative media blitz. They don’t give a damn about the consequences of their cowardly actions. The only two members of the GOP who bathed themselves in glory were Cruz and Lee; – the rest showed their lack of grit.
    This weekend will be interesting with the truckers descending on DC and the veterans march on the WW II Memorial and the Mall.
    If this at all confrontational, watch out because martial law is what Obama wants!

  3. Casey Chapman

    Time to defund the RNC. They are almost all Rino’s and DID’s anyway.

  4. Hawk1776

    Both sides lose. Obamacare is unassailable; it’s Obama’s signature program and he’s never going to yield an inch on it. If the Republicans hadn’t tried to force the issue on Obamacare , which resulted in a government shutdown, focus would have been on the failed launch of Obamacare. During the government shutdown, Obama steadfastly failed to negotiate. This is the position of an emperor, not of a President. His support is eroding, even among the liberal MSM. The Republicans look bad, but Obama’s star is fading. It looks good for Republicans in 2014. If the Republicans can find a decent Presidential candidate it could look better for 2016.

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    This corrupt administration has said all along that it “won’t negotiate” with Republicans; “we are winning” the White House told the Wall Street Journal, and “it really doesn’t matter to us how long the shutdown lasts.”
    Senator Mike Lee said:”Obama is holding the government hostage–he refuses to negotiate at all–reckless and irresponsible.”
    President Obama has spent years pointing the finger of blame at Republicans for not compromising with him. Yet the message from the Democrats for the entire shutdown has been “we will not compromise under any circumstances.”
    This President is anxious to negotiate with Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, the Taliban but refuses to negotiate with our Congress. “We the people” want to be heard. The GOP has capitulated to all of the demands of the Democrats. Where is our country headed????? Very frightening. God bless Tom Cruz, Mike Lee, Allen West, Ben Carson and a few others that are fighting for all of us.