Al Gore Will Save Us!

Posted February 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Al Gore Will Save Us

3 Responses to “Al Gore Will Save Us!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Who needs a flame thrower, when you’ve got Al Gore??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Al Gore is one of the biggest snake oil salesman that ever appeared on the world scene. His propaganda movie, “The Inconvenient Truth” is, – in fact , a huge lie that has been used to brainwash the educators, the politicians, our children, the UN, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Kerry, Patrick, etc, etc.

    Impending doom has been predicted in the form of six cling heat, drought, rains, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, ice storms, snow storms, blizzards even earthquakes. They are all going to end civilization, as we know it, unless we stop releasing carbon dioxide, CO2, into the atmosphere.

    In other words, stop all the unnecessary breathing, stop with the burning of fossil fuels and freeze you ass off, stop driving those Carbon-emitting automobiles, take a bike or an electric car.

    In other words return to the Stone Age and everything will be wonderful. Just ask Al Gore when he isn’t counting his millions made from selling phony-baloney carbon credits. What a crock!!

  3. Varvara

    Tom, you forgot Al’s mansion and jet airplane. These two use a great deal of fossil fuels.

    Why hasn’t Al Gore told China to outlaw all those outdoor fires and to filter all those smoke stacks? Most of the people of China live in the stone age and they still have pollution.